Spike Aerator Vs. Plug Aerator

Aerating supplies the roots of your yard with much better access to oxygen and enhances the capability of your soil to hold water. Spike aeration makes use of a roller with strong spikes to pierce the soil and develop areas for air and water. Plug or core aerators make use of hollow branches to eliminate plugs of soil, leaving little spaces in the soil.

Spike Aerator Vs Plug Aerator

Soil Composition

Spike and plug aerators are utilized to relieve the unfavorable influences of compressed soil on your yard. Plug aerators are normally more reliable at easing compaction in yards with a heavy clay soil considering that the strong branches made use of on spike aerators compact the clay soil even more when they press into the ground. You can inform if your yard has a heavy clay soil by squeezing a swelling of wet soil in your hand.

Soil Conditions

The finest time to utilize a plug aerator is when the soil is damp however not filled with water. Throughout dry conditions the soil falls apart inside of the branches, avoiding the plug aerator from getting rid of the plugs from the ground.


Plug aerators eliminate part of the soil from the root zone of your yard. This procedure enhances the structure of your soil in the long run however puts tension on your turf in the brief term. The finest time to utilize a plug aerator is throughout the active growing period of your yard.

Factors to consider

When they are made use of yearly for at least 3 successive years, plug aerators are the most reliable. Spike aerators supply a more short-lived advantage that is balanced out by the compaction that takes place around the sides of the holes the spike aerators leave.


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