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Agri-Fab 48" Plug Type Aerator

Use Aerators in the spring or late fall, whenever the lawn's wetness material is high. The outcome will certainly be a beatiful lawn that will certainly even make specialists green with envy!
agri fab manual lawn aerator review

Agri-Fab 48" Plug Type Aerator Review

Plug aerators eliminate 75mm-diameter soil plugs from the lawn, permitting compressed soil to relax in addition to the advantages supplied by a spike aerator. They are very well for quickly compressed soil (like clay), rush hour locations (sports and play areas fields), and burned out, drought-damaged yards.

This 122cm design has 32 heat-treated points, 4 per spindle. The sturdy design makes sure a long working life, and the coring points will not break or flex in hard soil conditions. It has an aeration depth as much as 75mm and 255mm x 100mm pneumatic wheels. For transport in between lawn locations, the metal spindles can be raised from the ground by a single lever which is quickly available from the tractor seat. This item has actually likewise been just recently re-designed to lower assembly time. Weight 36.5 kg.