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The way to Change the Oil on a Lawn Boy 6.5 Push Mower

How to Change the Oil on a Lawn Boy 6.5 Push Mower
You need to adjust the oil on your lawn Boy 6.5 push mower right after the initiation into two hours and in the start off of every mowing season. There is absolutely no drain plug around the mower so you into going to be draining the oil via the fill tube. Most mowing applications will need the usage of SAE 30 motor oil. You can acquire the oil for your mower at any auto components retailer. The most auto components retailer may also dispose into in the oil for you.

  1. Spot the Lawn Boy push mower on a level surface and start off the mower. Permit the mower to warm up to get a handful of minutes after which turn off the mower. This will likely let the oil to warm slightly and can get rid of a lot more debris in the crankcase when draining.
  2. Spot an oil drain pan towards the proper side from the mower. Turn the oil fill cap counter-clockwise and take away the cap and dipstick in the fill tube.
  3. Tilt the mower more than onto its proper side and drain the oil by way of the fill tube into the drain pan. When the oil fully drains, tilt the mower back onto all 4 wheels. Clean about the fill tube using a rag to get rid of any residual oil.
  4. Gradually pour 20 ounces of SAE 30 motor oil into the fill tube. Location the dipstick and cap into the fill tube and twist the cap clockwise.
  5. Turn the cap counter-clockwise to eliminate the dipstick in the fill tube and verify the oil level around the dipstick. The oil level needs to be in the upper fill indicator. Location the dipstick back into the fill tube and twist the cap to save it towards the fill tube.

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