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How To Attach the Blade on a Electric Lawn Mower

Attach the Blade on a Electric Lawn Mower
Electric lawn mowers are a fantastic option for tiny lawns. They're usually much less costly than gas-powered mowers and are quieter and much less costly to operate than a gas engine. Electric mowers are also a greener selection, due to the fact they don't add pollutants towards the atmosphere. Upkeep is nominal on these kinds of mowers, which usually do not require oil modifications or tune-ups. Altering the mower blade for any new sharp one particular will be the only routine upkeep required. Assembly of a brand new mower involves attaching the blade appropriately. See also Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

  1. Place on perform gloves and security glasses. Security gear ought to usually be worn prior to operating with sharp components.
  2. Spot each hands on 1 side on the lawn mower deck and turn it more than on its side around the ground. It will not matter which side the lawn mower lays on.
  3. Examine the mower blade for the words “grass side.” Align the hole inside the middle of the blade onto the fan inside the center on the deck using the words “grass side” facing you. In case your specific brand of electric mower blade will not have imprinted words, turn the sharp cutting edge on the blade in order that it points upward around the rear-facing finish on the blade. The dull side from the rear-facing finish must point down in the ground. Slide the blade onto the fan shoulder with all the blade ends pointing in the front and rear in the mower deck.
  4. Hold the blade in position with one particular gloved hand. Insert the plastic blade insulator onto the blade, with 1 lip more than the leading edge in the blade. You'll find two lips opposite each and every other around the blade insulator; 1 points down, and a single points up. The lip ought to be more than the blade and gripping it perpendicular for the blade length.
  5. Location the blade spacer on prime from the insulator in order that it rests inside the insulator lip that is certainly point toward you. Make minor adjustments if essential to align all holes within the center from the blade, insulator and spacer.
  6. Wedge a 2-foot-long block of 2-by-4-inch board above the rear in the blade and also the mower deck. The piece of wood needs to be above the blade in the best on the mower since it is lying on its side. Gently rotate the blade clockwise till it tends to make get in touch with with all the wood and moves no farther.
  7. Insert the flange nut within the center-aligned holes. Tighten the nut clockwise by hand. Spot an adjustable wrench around the nut and turn it clockwise till it really is tight.
  8. Take away the block of wood and turn the lawn mower proper side up.


  • Rinse off the underneath of a lawn mower following employing it having a garden hose. This cleans the grass clippings in order that they usually do not harbor moisture and rust out your deck.
  • Let rinsed blades to dry completely ahead of storing your electric lawn mower inside a garage. This keeps blades from rusting within a closed or humid atmosphere.
  • Replace the lawn mower blade at the least every single two years. Dull blades rip the grass as an alternative to generating clean cuts and cause a ragged lawn.

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