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How Significantly Oil Does a Honda Lawn Mower Hold

Honda has its personal line of push mowers that are powered by Honda-created, gas-powered engines. Like most gas-powered engines, you want the oil to hold them clean and lubricated for best mowing practices. To handle the oil lubricating method, you need to know the oil capacity and choose the appropriate oil sort for every engine.

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Oil Capacity

Honda manufactures 4 engine models for its gas-powered lawn mowers at time of publication: the GCV 160, GXV 160, GCV 190 and GSV 190. All are air-cooled, four-stroke engines that use the splash oil lubrication technique exactly where a dipper scoops up oil from the oil pan and splashes a fine mist into the engine. The GXV 160 has a .69-quart oil capacity. All of the other models have a .58 quart capacity.

Oil Variety

Honda recommends utilizing four-stroke vehicle engine oil only, whether or not it really is standard or synthetic. Regardless of what variety, the oil viscosity, and service classification should be rated for SJ or later and have the ILSAC certification marking on it. If you are mowing beneath varying climate situations, 10W-30 weight is acceptable. If you have a tendency to mow in colder ambient temperatures (32 degrees Fahrenheit and under), use 5W-30 weight. For warmer air 50 degrees and up, use 30-weight oil.

Oil Upkeep

Honda recommends altering oil soon after the very first month or 5 hours of use, which is the standard break-in period for engine components. Afterward, adjust oil every single 50 hours or far more often if you reside in a dusty region. If you have not reached 50 hours by the finish of the season, modify the oil so that any contaminants never settle inside the engine even though in storage.

Checking Oil

Verify the oil on your Honda mower ahead of everyday use even though the engine is nevertheless cold. That guarantees all the oil has returned to the reservoir for correct measurement. The filler cap is on the left side of the engine and includes a dipstick. Open the cap, pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean on a napkin or cloth. Re-insert the dipstick and gradually pull it back out without touching the filler cap rim. The dipstick has upper and decreases limit markings on it. Add oil as essential to meet the upper-level limit without having overfilling.

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