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How to Change the Blades on a John Deere Riding Mower

How to Change the Blades on a John Deere Riding Mower
If you possess a John Deere riding mower, you can keep its efficiency by maintaining the blades sharp. Changing the blades on all mowers is inevitable; sooner or later they will require sharpening or replacement. Dull, nicked, or broken blades demand instant consideration. Sharp mower blades assist steer clear of excess put on and tear around the mower's engine and operating components. Pulleys and bearings take much more abuse when worn blades are fighting to reduce the grass.

  1. Park the mower on a flat surface. The lawn is fine so long as it is relatively level.
  2. Pull the lever to lift the mower deck to its highest position. That is also referred to as the transport position.
  3. Place a piece of wood on every single side on the mower deck to help keep it from lowering although you happen to be functioning on it.
  4. Take your other piece of wood and use it to interrupt the blade from going about even though you loosen the mower blades. Place it amongst the mower blade as well as the mower deck. Make use of the 5/8-inch wrench and loosen the bolt in the center in the blade. Be cautious to not run your hand into the blade as you loosen the bolt.
  5. Notice the order that you take off the washers and blade. The order must be a bolt, a washer, the blade, an additional washer, after which the deflector cup; which you do not want to take away. Eliminate the bolt, washers, and blade.
  6. Examine the blade. When the blade is dull, have it sharpened and balanced. When the blade is broken, get a brand new a single.
  7. Ahead of putting the blade around the mower confirm that the deflector cup is in place. This cup keeps grass from winding about the spindle that holds the blade on. It truly is positioned among the mower deck and also the mower blade.
  8. Make sure to position the blade with all the cutting edge in the lowest level as you place it onto the mower. Replace the washer, blade, and washer within the very same way that you removed them. Now place the bolt on and hand tighten it.
  9. Place the block of wood around the other side from the blade in order that it'll hold the blade as you tighten the bolt. Place the 5/8-inch socket around the torque wrench and tighten the bolt to 75 Newton meters (or 55-foot-pounds). Be cautious after once again to not run your hand into the blade as you tighten it.
  10. Repeat this strategy around the other blades as necessary to change all of them. Some mowers have two blades and other folks have 3.

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