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John Deere D125 20HP Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere is definitely an All American brand notorious for all sorts of energy gear, but their most iconic item may be the tractor. This reputation has been built for many decades and for a wide assortment of causes. Their John Deere D125 is certainly one of many premium models that they create, and it upholds their reputation for superiority. It characteristics a 42” steel mowing deck especially created to cut grass completely even, and this was made clear in the course of our testing which revealed a seriously clean cutting path each and every single time. This model has been updated a number of occasions with new technologies and now involves an extremely smooth hydrostatic transmission for smooth acceleration in the press in the gas pedal. Its john deere 20 hp lawn tractor engine is optimized for the job and supplies ample energy both effectively and quietly. These attributes combined with many far more make this one of several ideal lawn tractors obtainable these days.
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John Deere D125 Review

john deere d125


  • John Deere is the most trusted brand in tractors
  • 20 HP V-twin engine provides tons of power
  • 42” Mowing deck cuts with precision and perfection
  • Many available attachments such as baggers, mulchers, aerators, and more
  • Frame is structurally rigid and will not warp under stress


  • Moderately large size makes it require lots of space to store
  • Weighs a lot due to the large mowing deck and engine
  • Heavy weight means turning is not the best with a 18” turning radius
  • John Deere comes at a high price

John Deere D125 Overall performance

The John Deere D125 reminds us of precisely why the business is so well-known for its energy items. It really is a high-end tractor which is made with precision and practically best good quality handle. This was made evident for the duration of our mowing cycle which revealed beautifully cut grass that was both even and straightened. It drives like an overall performance vehicle with smooth acceleration, deceleration, and cruise control. Due to the new hydrostatic transmission, the engine responds completely towards the gas pedal, and this tends to make the mower an absolute pleasure to drive. We did notice the turning to become rather wide, but this can be inevitable on account of both the mower’s weight and size. Despite the fact that the cornering was not the tightest, it was extremely smooth - just like you'd count on. Almost everything was as described by John Deere’s site, and also if it weren’t, we realize that all defects will be corrected promptly by the many service centers below warranty. The superiority of this tractor is undeniable.


The John Deere D125 is, however, one more wonderful tractor manufactured by John Deere, and it upholds the reputation built by the business more than many decades of production. We think that this certain model is very best suited for men and women with 1-3 acres of land. It handles completely as anticipated and may execute many tasks outdoors of just mowing using a wide variety of attachments. Despite the fact that the price tag is high - John Deere D125 Original Price: $1,799 (2015), this tractor is definitely an investment made to final a decade or far more with all the suitable care and upkeep. We very suggest this model to anyone searching for any leading from the line item that is certainly built to final many years to come.

John Deere D125 Specs

John Deere D125 Engine:
EngineBriggs & Stratton 40 gasoline 2-cylinder   air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Displacement:655 cc
40 ci
Bore/Stroke:2.97×2.89 inches
75 x 73 mm
Power (gross):20 hp
14.9 kW
Starter volts:12
John Deere D125   Mechanical
Chassis:4×2 2WD
Cab:Open operator station.
John Deere D125   Transmission
Transmission:Tuff Torq T40
Type:belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears:infinite forward and reverse
Oil change:sealed unit, service not recommended
John Deere D125   Dimensions
Length:68.75 inches
174 cm
Height:44.5 inches
113 cm
Weight:438 lbs
198 kg
John Deere D125   Tires
Lawn/turf front:
Lawn/turf rear:20×8.0-0
John   Deere D125 Electrical
John Deere D125 Battery
John Deere D125 Attachments
42″ Mower deck
Type:mid-mount John Deere
2-blade   with manual lift
Cutting width:42 inches
106 cm
Overall width:54.9 inches
139 cm
Cut height:1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
43.25″ Snow   blower
Type:front-mount John Deere   44
Clearing   width:43.25 inches
109 cm
Clearing height:18 inches
45 cm
Weight:180 lbs
81 kg
Overall width:44 inches
111 cm
Type:front-mount John Deere   46
Width:46 inches
116 cm
Lift height:6.5 inches
16 cm