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John Deere Z525E Zero Turn Mower Review

John Deere Z525E zero turn mower Is good for the residential lawn. its very efficient and can mow fast in large lawn compared to hand mower. If you looking for zero turn mower, thus john deere z525e zero turn mower is the best option.

This z525e model is an improvement over the EZTrak Z425 in many aspects, especially comfort features. Such as dual cup holders and extra storage, and easy to use control panels, heavy-duty, welded steel frame, and a powerful 22 HP engine. It can integrate with various other accessories for even more versatility.

The John Deere Z525E Zero Turn is assembly with a high grade, durable, solid frame that enhances balance, control, and smoother operation. Powered by a reliable 22HP twin cylinder engine, it can be integrated with various accessories saving the owner from extra expenses on other tools. This mower’s motion control levers provide enhanced control over flat land, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Quality assurance and a two-year warranty make this machine worth considering.

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John Deere Z525E Zero Turn Mower Review

john deere z525e reviews

John Deere Z525E Features

  • Comfort Issue - This zero turn riding mower is particularly designed for extended hours of mowing, generating the comfort issue a higher priority. John Deere manufactured it with adaptable and hassle-free attributes, maintaining the user in thoughts. A set of common shock absorbers are assembled together with the controls and may be adjusted with precision for comfy operation. 
  • Motion Controls - The controls are very adjustable for smoother operations, enhanced control and balance. The adjustment could be carried out using a cut height pin and may be changed in between 3 various heights and fifteen for-aft settings to offer the rider ultimate comfort.
  • Tracking Controls - The tracking adjustment controls are simply adjustable and accessible in the operator's deck. A 13mm cut height pin is utilized for altering the tracking controls, the red arrow indicating the position.
  • Performance Monitors and Controls - The performance monitor and control panel are elegantly designed for ease in monitoring the hour meter, power take-off control, engine speed, and choke control in addition to the ignition switch.
  • Brakes - The mower parking brake is straightforward to access and holds the machine firmly in a park. This brake should be disengaged prior to mowing.
  • Mower Lift Control - The mower deck could be adjusted for outstanding cutting quality from 1 inch to 0.25 inches, together with the integration of extra accessories for enhanced versatility.
  • Engine - The sturdy premium 22HP V-twin extended life series engine is equipped with a sophisticated filtration package for enhanced performance and service life.
  • Transmission - The unitized hydrostatic transmission method for this John Deere Z525E Zero Turn mower is set low for enhanced stability in hilly locations.
  • Mowing High quality - The John Deere Z525E Zero Turn mower features a 54-inch Accel Deep single piece stamped steel shell particularly designed with maximum airflow for high-pitched cutting quality, specifically at quicker speeds. Its distinctive deep shell extends all about and guarantees smooth operation. The optimized air flow by way of the deep shell pulls the grass upwards, delivering maximum efficiency in cutting. Its cutting height variety is 1 inch to four inches.
  • Scavenging Aspect - Its deck is fabulously designed, maintaining the mower and also the operator clean, even though decreasing the time necessary for cleaning and service. The discharge is reduced precisely, lessening the volume of re-cutting precisely the same location and creating the cleaning method a snap.
  • Upkeep and Serviceability - The mower’s footrest deck could be removed by dispatching a single bolt. Access towards the engine filter -- which includes air filters, fuel filters, and engine oil -- is extremely hassle-free, creating routine engine upkeep significantly simpler.
  • Electric Power Take-Off - A heavy electric power take-off method is employed to couple the blades using the engine that is controlled by conveniently mounted controls.
  • Rear MulchControl Technique - A rear bagger collection program also can be integrated together with the mower to produce the gathering of grass clippings and leaves effective.
  • Security - Employing the parking brake gives an added element of security when making use of the mower. An interlock switch is positioned beneath the seat that engages or disengages the mower. The engine will stall when the operator leaves the deck without the motion control levers within the outward position.


  • Ready to mow, easy to learn to operate, quick startup, precise control. The Zero Turn took a few minutes to get used to working. This mower will cut as fast as you want to ride.
  • The John Deere does such a great job cutting grass, make your lawn looks like it's well maintained. 
  • This is one of the fastest residential mowers that I have ever used. It used to take 3 to 4 hours to cut about 3/4 of an acre, now it is about 1 to 2 hours.
  • It rides very well and it will cut your mowing time in half compared to a traditional riding tractor. The handling is great and it handles slight inclines. 


  • Ignition key and choke are right next to each other on the right-hand side of the unit. The choke does not stay engaged so you must hold it forward while starting the unit. This is a bit awkward but it can be done with your right hand otherwise you're reaching across yourself to try to do this with two hands. 
  • Mulching kit sold separately. So if you have a pool near your lawn, you must mow in some direction so that grass clipping don does not cover the area you don’t like. Or If you have a lot of trees, get the mulch kit.
  • Doesn't have a foot lever to raise the deck.
  • Doesn’t have a brake pedal

John deere z525e transmission problems


John Deere Z525E Zero Turn Mower have all key features to address residential consumers looking for a higher-quality zero-turn. Z525E Zero Turn Mower have high grade, heavy duty frame, powerful engine, large tires, and responsive. And easy to control make this mower worth to buy. Once you learn how the Z525E zero turn works. You'll be impressed and happy wishing you purchased one of these things sooner!

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