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Best Hover Mowers Review 2022

Currently, the number of hover mower versions out there runs into the 100s, and this once a very Western turf-trimming tool is now eventually starting to take off in America, too. In this article, we take a review of why you might want to consider getting a hover mower and expose you to our selection of the best Hover mowers out there.

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Best Hover Mowers Review

1 . California Trimmer RC190 Hover Mower: Our Top Choice

California Trimmer RC190 Hover Mower

The particular RC190 hover mower gives Ferrari-like performance with a tank-like build and durability. Despite it is ponderous weight, when it becomes moving it offers incredibly flow easily handling. It's not the cheapest are Hover mower out there, nor the particular lightest, but for those with more substantial yards, sloping terrain, as well as who simply prioritize electric power and precision overvalue and weight, this fly mower merits it put somewhere very near the major of your shortlist. The 19-inch cutting width and chance to mulch as it cuts allow it to become a great addition to any property.

2 . BlueBird 20″ Fly Mower HM200

BlueBird 20″ Fly Mower HM200 hover mower

The HM200 hover mower is a particularly well-made machine that delivers every feature and style and design characteristic required for the perfect lower. This hover mower works with a beefy Honda GCV160, gas-powered, 4. 4 HP engine that is capable of powering through even the most unkempt regarding lawns. While weighty (36. 5 lbs), the HM 200 retains good managing, with the potent Honda powerplant allowing the decking and also blades to glide widely. This is a machine that has a high ranking among the finest we've ever before come across in terms of build in addition to final cut quality, nevertheless, the price will rule it for all but the most rigorous yard owners.

3. Toro HoverPro 550 Hover Mower

Toro HoverPro 550 Hover Mower

HoverPro 550 hover mower is half the price of the particular HM200 and has comparable design quality, power, and slicing capacity. Powered by the Ford GCV E-spec engine particularly developed for continuous make use of on inclines and hilly terrain. A little on the large side but built to guerre-├ęclair inclines, overgrown grass, and also take on bigger lawns. The sole downsides to this hover mower are its hefty excess weight and limited cutting collection, both of which are easily understood for anyone keen to have a pro-quality cut without paying through the nose.

4. Flymo TurboLite 400 Are Best Hover Mower

Flymo TurboLite 400 Are Best Hover Mower

Flymo TurboLite 500 is a top-selling hover mower from 50 years old. Weighs about just 14. 3 kilograms and has a narrow, 13-inch cutting width. Ideal for users of smaller lawns and others looking for an efficient, fuss-free blade mechanism. Not so ideal for larger turf or those in need of a hover mower that can perform the job quickly. Short (30ft) cable tv length, its narrow chopping width, and lack of a series box make it less popular with some prospective buyers.

Things Look For In A Hover Mower

In the next few sections, we are going to be providing you with everything you need to understand hover mowers to adjustable rate mortgage you with the knowledge to make the best decision for you.

Fly Mower or Rotary/Wheeled Mower?

The Advantages of a Hover Mower

The main benefit of choosing a hover mower over a wheeled mower will be maneuverability. Hover mowers may be steered in any direction (backward, forwards, and sideways) easily. They are generally a better guess on sloped or undulating lawns, mainly because the 'air cushion' created by the mower gives it a lighter sense when negotiating ups and downs inside your lawn. The best hover mowers are, for the most part, simply identified and require no assemblage or prep before making use of.

The Disadvantages of an Are Hover Mower

The majority of hover mowers are electric and Droit powered. This means you'll need to expand the length of your power prospect or pay extra for the extension. Most are designed to cut grass no more than 10-12cm very long, with more powerful models stretches to 15cm. Many wheeled mowers allow you to stripe your current lawn, collect grass inside a box as you cut, in addition to mulch grass for on-the-go composting. A gas-powered mower might be a better bet since these tend to pack more electric power and are better equipped to face more unkempt, overgrown turf. The most notable difference between fly mower and other types of mower is the former's lack of attributes.


On average, hover mowers cost a small handful of bucks less than other types of mowers. The amount you need to spend will finally come down to your yard including your cutting habits. If you have a substantial yard or tend to be a new once-a-month kinda mower, most of us recommend a more powerful (and expensive) gas-powered machine along with a wide mowing width. To get smaller yards that you cure to trim at least once each week, a cheaper mower with significantly less power and a sub-15-inch mower will serve your functions nicely.

Blade Material

A couple of materials are used in are hover mower blades: plastic or perhaps metals.

The choice between a couple of is fairly simple: plastic rotor blades cut less effectively and wish frequent replacing but a lot of spares are usually supplied with the particular mower; metallic blades slice effectively and don’t will need replacing (unless you get a feel clumsy around slabbing or perhaps don’t de-stone your garden before cutting) but might need occasional sharpening, depending on when you cut your backyard.

Grass Collection

Mowers having collectors still tend to get away from a little mess behind, playing with most cases this is negligible. Raking up grass clippings from a cut can be time-consuming in addition to an almighty pain inside the posterior. Whether or not you choose a new mower with a collector as well as without will come down to the amount of patience you have, and how a lot of time you have on your hands. In case you are averse to doing a career another model of mower might have done for you for just more bucks.

Lawn Size

How big your lawn will just about dictate the best hover mower for your needs. Cable-powered hover mowers are lighter, easier to preserve, and usually cheaper than gas-powered models. If your lawn will be approaching the size of a full golf court, however, we advise going down the gas option.

Cutting Width

The slicing width on hover mowers ranges from around 12” to 21” and types at both ends from the size scale have their benefits and drawbacks.

Smaller (or narrower) versions can only cut small amounts each time but are, generally speaking, lighter and far easier to handle and control than larger models. Used, this essentially means it will require you more time to cut your lawn but you will have a better time performing it(! ).

Motor Energy

Having a hover mower with increased power will allow you to trim your turf in only one go. The higher the wattage (in electric models) and horsepower (in gas models), the harder juice the machine will be able to place in cutting. As a ballpark manual on required motor power, all of us recommend anything in the 1100-1300-watt range for frequent blades. For those with less time on the hands of rogue pressures of weed in their yard, we'd recommend any gas-powered model.

Tips on How to use Hover Mower

When you start up your mower, tilt it a small fraction backward or to the side to wash off any remnant particles. If your mow has an enthusiast, try to walk in as direct a line as possible. Avoid mow over hard areas. If you're approaching slabs, the path, or patio, save your valuable blades and get the strimmer or weed eater out and about.


The California Thinner RC190 Hover Mower is the better hover mower on the market. Within the powerful engine, robust layout, adjustable cutting heights, along with wide cutting width. This also comes in at a reasonable price in comparison with similar products from opponent brands. If this one's a bit pricey for your tastes or maybe budget, or you have a smaller sized yard, there are better options.