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Sunbeam Electric Lawn Mower Info

Sunbeam Electric Lawn Mower
Sunbeam can be a brand virtually synonymous with small electric house appliances -- and for great cause. Incorporated in 1898, Sunbeam was the initial organization to introduce the electric iron, pop-up toaster as well as the electric mixer. But for any short time frame, Sunbeam also made electric lawn mowers. Nowadays, Sunbeam is owned by Jarden Customer Options, and they no longer generate lawn mowers. See also Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Size Them Up

Sunbeam's electric mowers had been lightweight, averaging about 30 pounds. They featured two blades as opposed to 1. The blades have been positioned side-by-side and had been precisely the same size at 18 inches -- the truth is, Sunbeam marketed their electric mowers as "twin-blade." Despite the fact that early models didn't function a detachable grass bag -- alternatively, they had an outlet chute within the front and back -- later models did function a detachable grass bag positioned around the side on the mowers.

Plug Them In

Sunbeam's electric lawn mowers featured a two-horsepower engine that was powered by electrical energy -- 110 volts -- by means of the usage of a tiny cord that wasn't practically extended sufficient to attain the nearest outlet on its personal. The usage of an extension cord was a need to. The mower did consist of a reel so you may roll up the extension cord and hold it out from the way as you mowed. Sunbeam's electric mower also featured adjustable handlebars that pivoted so you might modify path without needing to turn the mower about. Once more, this helped stay away from mowing more than the extension cord.

Save on Gas

Sunbeam electric lawn mowers weren't low-cost, however the business was banking around the truth that buyers would save on gas. In a single 1957 ad, when it was initial introduced, the mower was advertised as costing $139.95. In a1973 ad, the "Lawn Champ" was advertised as getting on sale for $74.88 -- practically half the price tag of when it was 1st introduced. That did not count, obviously, the 100-foot optional extension cord.

Gather Them

Self-propelled -- you may adjust the speed -- quiet and close-cutting, Sunbeam's electric mowers had a whole lot to advocate them. These days, Sunbeam electric lawn mowers are no longer created, however they are nonetheless valued by vintage garden tool collectors. Sadly, if you need 1 in functioning order, it may be tough to discover the components which you require to restore it, in accordance with MTD goods.