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Ventrac Vs. Kubota Mowers

Ventrac Vs. Kubota Mowers

Whether it's a household or a commercial operation, mowing can be a difficult endeavor that requires a professional-grade mower. You can choose from a wide range of lawn mowers, but you need to do your research to find the best one.

Some individuals are extremely excited about and enjoy mowing the lawn. Therefore, they seek a mower that is both swift and precise in its performance.

In this article, we will compare the Kubota F2690 and Ventura 4500Y lawnmower series. These are two well-known mowers that are similar and can be bought for a reasonable price. Both are accurate and work well.

However, we are aware that your money will play a big factor in selecting your next professional mower. Consider the following criteria when selecting a machine that is both efficient and cost-effective in the long run:

Kubota vs. Ventrac Mowers

In this post, the Ventrac 4500Y tractor and the Kubota F2690 will be compared head-to-head. This Kubota front-mount mower is a high-quality, precise piece of equipment that shows what a Kubota lawn mower can do.

You may determine for yourself why both of these mowers are so highly respected in the world of lawn care.


The dimensions of the Kubota F2690 are 96.5 x 53.9 x 78.1 inches, while those of the Ventrac 4500Y are 81.5 x 48.5 x 68 inches.

You must determine which of these dimensions corresponds to the size and obstacles in your yard. For example, the best riding mower for 1 acre with many flower beds close together will be different from the best riding mower for 5 acres with no obstacles.

Specifications and engines

The mower's speed and strength are derived from its engine. Therefore, you must know your engine's horsepower when comparing Ventrac and Kubota, as this is where the real meat of the matter lies.

The Kubota F2690 is equipped with a diesel-powered, three-cylinder Kubota D1105 engine. It has a maximum horsepower of 25.5 and a displacement of 68.6 cu. ft.

In contrast, the Ventrac 4500Y is equipped with a 3-cylinder Kubota D902 diesel engine that is liquid-cooled. It has a total displacement of 54.79 cu. in. and produces 25 horsepower. In the end, it is essential to know that you are relying on a Kubota engine to do the task.

Cutting Specs

Kubota offers a cutting width of 60 inches, which is an exceptional cutting width.It has three precise blades with a height adjustment range of 1 to 5 inches and a 14-inch increment.

In comparison to its cousin, the Ventrac 4500Y, the cutting width is 48.5". You will need a manufacturer's accessory, such as a 3-point hitch, to obtain a maximum cutting width of 91.5 inches.


The Kubota F2690 is equipped with HST (F2/R2) and auto-assist 4WD with dual-action overrunning clutch/locked 4WD. In contrast, the Ventrac 4500Y is equipped with AWD (All Wheel Drive). Today, be sure to examine Bobby Ford's Kubota F2690 lawn mower! 

Capacity of the Gasoline Tank

The Kubota F2690 has a tank with a capacity of 16.1 gallons, whereas the Ventrac tank holds only 6 gallons.

Consequently, it is essential to consider both your convenience and the area you will be mowing. Depending on the size of the gas tank, it may be easier to tell which machine is more economical, easy to use, and gets better gas mileage.

Are Ventrac mowers effective?

For the past 25 years, Ventrac has manufactured agricultural and associated equipment. It is a well-known name in the market for lawn mowers, and the Ventrac 4500Y is equipped with one of the most reliable engines on the market: a Kubota engine!

Alternately, Kubota began operations in Japan in 1890 and has been a household name in the United States since 1974. A genuine centurion!

After studying the differences between Ventrac and Kubota front-mount mowers, we are confident that you will recognize the superiority of Kubota's well-regarded machinery. The ergonomic and efficient design of these Kubota lawnmowers makes them work well on almost any surface.