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Are Grasshopper Mowers Any Good?

Grasshopper Mowers

Grasshopper Zero-Turn Mowers are of exceptional quality for the price. Depending on the model, these durable mowers are for personal or commercial usage.

We use numerous Grasshopper models because we have a vast property and a business.

These are comfortable to ride, and several accessory options make the ride more fun.

They have strong resale value and can resist different terrains. The two-year guarantee covers both parts and labor, and you can buy replacement parts online or in person.

Grasshopper mowers are a good investment and last a long time. They're not for city or suburban lots, but for huge farms, acreages, or commercial sites like schools and sports fields. Some of the models use clean diesel instead of gas, making them more fuel-efficient.

If you want to buy grasshopper mowers for your business or commercial use, financing is available.

Choosing the Right Grasshopper Mower

Models range from the 100V Series to the 400D Series, which uses clean diesel fuel. Our 2-acre lot fits the 124V well. This machine can navigate trees, gardens, and uneven terrain.

Our fleet of 400D mowers can handle clients with more than 10 acres of land. We provide 300 Series mowers for small and medium-sized lots.

The 124V is a mid-mount mower, while some other models are front-mounted. We discovered an excellent article comparing the two.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Low-Maintenance?

We hate servicing or maintaining equipment after a day of mowing lawns. We like that Grasshopper Mowers are designed for non-mechanics. Mid-mount models have five lubrication points, while front-mount models have fewer than 10. This simplifies maintenance. accessible belts and parts. This saves time and effort when using more than five mowers.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Easy to Use?

I mow our 124V twice a week. It's quite user-friendly. I sat comfortably for less than two hours. I'm not hurt or covered in grass when I get off.

The padded seat readily adjusts. Iso-mounting reduces seat vibration.

The cup holder and controls are easy to use. I can reach all the controls and switches.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Zero Turn?

Each Grasshopper mower has zero-turn technology for easy navigation. Flat or hilly, navigation is easy. Navigate around trees, plants, gardens, and ponds. I can easily navigate our little ponds, trees, gardens, and plants.

Once you're acclimated to zero-turn mowers, you'll never go back to standard mowers. You'll be ready for hills and tough terrain after 30 minutes of practice in an open location.

What Cool Gadgets Come with the Grasshopper Mower?

My husband and employees like Grasshopper's umbrella when mowing lawns all day.

Other tools can make mowing easier. Being 5' tall, I enjoy the foot pedal extension kit.

A yellow beacon light makes nightfall easier to see, and a yellow beacon light is essential in high-traffic areas.

Instead of regular discharge or mulching, collection bags are offered.

How much do Grasshopper Mowers cost?

The 124V is $6,995 and the 400D is $11,995.Local dealers may offer financing, or you can check the Grasshopper website. Cost increases with added components and options.

How durable are grasshopper mowers?

Most of my adult life has been spent mowing lawns, and I've tried numerous different mowers. The Grasshopper is one of my most durable models. Grasshopper can handle our rough property.

Over the past 10 years, we've replaced small parts on all of our machines, but they're sturdy in every condition (including hail storms!). And we're pleased. Grasshopper mowers provide a delighted clientele.

Is Diesel Better Than Gas?

Models like the 400D use clean diesel instead of gas. The fuel-injected diesel engines may save 650 gallons of fuel over 1,000 hours. These mowers are EPA Tier 4 Final-compliant. Summary? You'll save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Mother Earth wins, too.

Gas-powered mowers will get the job done, but expect higher fuel bills. If you use the mower for business, you can charge your clients.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Comfortable to Ride?

I find my 124V model comfortable to ride. Once or twice a week, I utilize it for 2 hours. Our employees are on the mowers for at least six hours a day. They take regular breaks, but they've never grumbled about the 300 series or 400 D models.

The seats' quality material won't crack or fade and provides good lumbar support.

Can Grasshopper Mowers Be Used for Snow Removal?

We live in southern Florida, so we've never required snow removal. Snow removal components can make removing roads, pathways, and parking lots easier.

Snow throwers are available during heavy snowfalls. Autumn brings leaf blower accessories.

How good is the Grasshopper Mower Warranty?

The warranty length depends on the mower model and planned use. For example, our 124V is insured for 2 years or 500 hours. Parts and labor are included. Our fleet of 329B models covers 3 years of unlimited hours. The first 2 years cover labor and parts; the third year only parts.

Does Grasshopper provide a better cut?

Grasshopper mowers cut precisely. The blades are designed to cut grass with little accumulation. Whether using back, side, mulching, or collecting, airflow is optimized.

You'll receive a clean, even cut every time.

Are Grasshopper Mowers a Good Investment?

Whether used commercially or residentially, grasshopper mowers are a good investment. The deck wheels, handle grips, and oil filters will need to be replaced as the mower parts. Amazon and other online stores carry these.