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How to choose the best oil for your lawnmower

If you want the best lawnmower for your lawn, you'll need the best oil. The best oil will extend the life of your lawnmower or cause it to clog and become inoperable. This is especially so if your mower doesn't get used very often.

So if you want the best oil for a lawnmower, read on.
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Best Oil for Lawnmower

1. Briggs & Stratton

Best small engine oil for lawnmower engines. Briggs and Stratton is the biggest player in the lawnmowers engine market. Several other 'big name brands' use their engine on their own branded push machines as a selling point. The 30W for small engines is most likely what your engine would benefit from.

2. Toro Synthetic oil

Toro synthetic oil will handle the heat and the cold to help you get your lawns cut. It will work especially well with new model mowers that are designed to work with this type of oil. It meets the performance requirements of brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Honda, Tecumseh, and Craftsman.

3. Honda PK2 Motor Oil

Honda 08207 oil is of the type 10W-30. It's not synthetic, and it works with 4-stroke/cycle engines. The viscosity of the oil will remain the same once the engine reaches operating temperature. It remains operational in various temperatures. During cold weather, starting the engine may increase the consumption of oil. The oil is made for being used on Honda lawnmowers. It can also be used in other Honda products. It will last longer, and you won't face many issues if you use this oil as its fuel. It is a more expensive oil than the other entries on our list.

4. Pennzoil SAE 30 Motor Oil

Pennzoil is an excellent oil for your lawnmower. The oil also has active cleaning agents in it. It can be used no matter what the temperature is. It's suitable for engines that are fueled with gasoline. It will cleanse your engine and make it last longer. It is categorized as SAE 30. That means it's operational in warmer temperatures and it's specifically made for small engines. It comes with just the right amount of oil required for your Lawnmower. It has a maximum temperature of 60° F or above. If you are working in a place where the weather is freezing then you would suggest that you use W-40 oil.

Buying Guide For Lawn Mower Oil

There are a wide variety of lawnmower oils on the market. Understanding the features is important to find the best oil for lawnmowers.

What Type Of Oil Does Lawn Mowers Use?

You need to know the type of oil since certain oils can not work in your lawnmower. The following are briefly described:

  • Four-Stroke oil: They work in four-cycle engines.a
  • Two-Stroke oil: These oils are better suited for smaller lawnmowers.
  • They work in four-cycle engines.
  • Motor Oil: Motor oils are the oils that are used in automobiles.
  • There are vast differences between motor oil and oils made for small engines.
  • Synthetic Oils: The best kinds of oils that can be used in lawnmowers.

Viscosity Grade:

The efficiency of the engine relies on the ability of the oil to maintain its viscosity at varying temperatures. The grades of viscosity are listed below:

  • SAE 30: These oils are used in smaller engines that operate well in a warmer climate.
  • Synthetic SAE 5W-30: Engines using this type of oil need less oil consumption.
  • SAE 5W-30: These oils are ideally suited to cold temperatures.
  • SAE 10W-30: 10W style oils can be used at a wide variety of temperatures. But, when starting, the engine could consume more oil.

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Chemical additives:

Many of the oils currently available feature anti-wear technology. The oils are combined with chemical compounds that lubricate the various moving parts of the engine. These chemical agents also neutralize the acids that are formed while the engine is running. This protects the engine from corrosion.

Likeability of detergents:

Any oils will clean the lawnmower engine by removing the sludge that builds up within the engine.

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What kind of oil do I need to use in my lawnmower?

The temperature of the climate in which you will operate the lawnmower will influence your oil needs. For equipment operated in hot temperatures, Vanguard 15W50 Synthetic oil provides the best protection. A general rule of thumb is that engines on most outdoor power equipment operate well with 5W30 synthetic oil. The easiest way to do this is to check your engine's user manual.

The older your engine is, the more likely it is to suit the SAE30 oil ranges. Avoid the cheapest range of any tool or safety gear or oil. Use tried and trusted brands - these oils have been road-tested in many machines being pushed many thousands of miles.

Can I use synthetic oil in my lawnmower?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil in a lawnmower. Oils like Amsoil are designed for more modern engines. They tend to offer better viscosity, wear and deposit control, and low-temperature fluidity. The only real downside to using this kind of oil is that it is usually priced significantly higher than standard oils. The regular use of synthetic oils in your engine reduces the chances of it failing and thus in the process, extends its service life.

How often should I replace my lawnmower oil?

Many lawnmowers will change their oil once a year in the spring when the grass starts to grow long. Your mower can have varying needs depending on use hours. A weekly mower of a larger lawn may require two changes. A ride on mower is probably more likely to benefit from a change at 100 hours of run time. If you feel your engine isn't performing well, a change may help. Your user instruction manual should be able to give you advice - and it will be good advice too.


Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil is by far the best oil available in the market today. Each oil has its strengths, and each of them is suited to specific types of lawnmowers. The best oil for a lawnmower is Briggs and Stratton's 30W engine oil. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best oil for a lawnmower in one place.