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How to reset change oil light on Husqvarna lawn mower

How to reset change oil light on Husqvarna lawn mower

This is the hour meter of a Husqvarna lawn mower.
It is made in America. Delta Systems in Ohio.
It has a Delphi connector on the bottom here.
And I can show you how it is plugged in here into the mower.
Let's turn this around the other way!
This way, OK. So it goes on here.
It is a clip-in.
It is.
There it goes, and now, when we turn on the ignition ...
... it starts counting hours. 151.8
And we see here: It shows OIL CHANGE.
CHANGE OIL and then the hours.
And i see in some forums, that there are people, that have questions on how to turn off, or how to eset this oil change message.
Well, the answer is here in a second.
So, this specific meter has a lifetime of 800 hours.
That means it will work for at least 800 hours.
It counts the ignition on time, meaning how long the ignition is on.
It doesn't count how long the engine is running, right?
So if the ignition is on, and the engine is not running, like in this case, it will still count.
Point one of this, point one hours equals six minutes.
We are at 151.9 and as soon as it goes to 152.0 ...
The oil change message will switch off automatically!
Because it only displays for two hours. From 150 to 152 hours.
It will display from 200 to 202 hours.
OK, here is the answer to your question: NO
You cannot reset the hour meter. All you can do is to put a new hour meter in there.
And the oil change message is easy. You just have to wait for two hours.
Every fifty hours it will display for two hours.
So, once it's gone: it pops up again in 48 hours as a reminder.

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