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Cordless vs. Corded Electric Lawnmowers

Cordless vs. Corded Electric Lawnmowers
For those who have a smaller sized lawn, lower than eight,000 square feet, an electric mower could be a much better option than a gas-powered single. Electric mowers are quiet, light-weight, economical to run, emit no pollutants, and therefore are typically trustworthy. They commence with all the flip of the switch. They get rid of the charges of gasoline, oil, spark plugs, filters, and tune-ups. The key decision in electric mowers is amongst corded and cordless versions. These two kinds vary in many crucial factors.

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Run Time

Corded mowers are powered from an electric outlet by means of an extension cord, so they've got limitless runtime. The runtime of the cordless electric mower is restricted by its battery capacity. Cordless mowers normally run for 60 to 90 minutes, following which you must recharge them overnight. Cordless mowers are best suited to smaller sized lawns that will be mowed in lower than an hour.

Distance Restrict

Corded mowers are constrained to a distance of a hundred feet from an electric outlet. Should you attempt to run a corded mower on an extension cord longer than one hundred feet, the voltage drop from electrical resistance inside of the cord will minimize the energy accessible on the motor, triggering it to overheat and decelerate to in which it might no longer minimize the grass. Cordless mowers have no distance restriction. It is possible to use them anyplace on your lawn so long as the battery is charged.


The most important variation in servicing amongst corded and cordless designs is the fact that you have to keep in mind to charge your cordless mower’s battery following every mowing session. Also, right after 5 to 7 many years, the batteries within a cordless mower will cease to hold a charge and has to be replaced. Each sort of electric mower will require to get its blades sharpened or replaced.


Corded electric mowers usually price lower than cordless versions simply because the corded model does not demand a high-priced battery. By way of example, a corded 2013 model 19-inch electric mower from a serious outside gear producer charges all-around $270. A 19-inch cordless model with related attributes through the exact same producer charges $479, or 45 % over the corded model.

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