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Toro Z4200 Review

The Toro Z2400 is definitely an extremely highly rated zero turn mower from their Timecutter variety. But why is it so highly rated and what type of perform is it appropriate for?If you are hunting to get a zero turn model which can perform nicely in tight corners of your yard or irregular shaped areas, in addition to energy via any open areas you have then the 42” inch cutting deck that this model carries really is excellent. We really can not locate several important faults with this mower and you will find tons of pros.
toro z4200

Toro Z4200 TimeCutter Zero Lawn Mower Review

Basic Features

  • Kohler Engine - The Kohler engine the Toro TimeCutter Z4200 is fitted with is extremely trustworthy. Though this mower is targeted in the homeowner, this engine is really developed to withstand industrial style use and packs a great deal of energy - so it effortlessly handles any lawn you home owners throw at it. An additional factor about this engine, is the fact that it truly is a great deal quieter than engines in most other lawn mowers of this size.
  • Cutting Deck - As currently talked about this model comes together with the 42” cutting deck as opposed towards the 50” 1 which other models inside the Timecutter series are equipped with. This cutting deck is EXTREMLY excellent at trimming close to any features you might have in your yard, including tree’s or flower beds by way of example. The outcome is definitely an extremely good quality of reduce even in these “hard-to-reach” areas.
  • Movement - Probably the most notable asset right here is speed. This mower is so rapidly and may attain speeds of 7mph, that is fairly impressive. This clearly offers you a single enormous advantage - it requires less time to mow your lawn. Along with the less time you must commit mowing your yard, the much more time you have for other items.It could have a tendency to slide a little when going downhill although. This can be one thing you may possibly wish to take into account if you do have some hilly areas to tackle. The rear wheels do look to become a little around the narrow side and have a tendency to spin going downhill.Toro do say that the tyres are this size to maximize the trimming potential in the Z4200 and that you shouldn’t really strategy to make use of this mower on slopes any higher than 15 degrees. Please, please take this into account if you do have circumstances in your yard like this. It is not really a criticism on the model, but defiantly anything to take into account.
  • Simple To Turn - When you find out the best way to make use of the controls appropriately it is quite simple to turn. In reality you in fact save a good deal of time around the turns in comparison to a classic style ride on mower.
  • Washout Port - The washout port is defiantly a good function right here - tends to make life a lot simpler with regards to clearing up.
  • Simple Upkeep - It is extremely effortless to alter the oil and do a self service with this model, as access for the essential areas is quite straightforward. As well a lot of mowers today look to conceal these area’s away creating it really tough for you to carry out these extremely essential tasks.
  • Clear Vision - You do not possess a motor in front of you blocking your vision, that is defiantly an benefit. You have completely clear vision and can effortlessly have the ability to see any possible obstructions you may well have missed earlier.
  • Fuel Efficient - In comparisons to equivalent models the Toro Z4200 is extremely fuel efficient - much less trips for the gas station.
  • Comfy - General it really is really comfy to ride as well as the ergonomic hand grips are created really properly. Despite the fact that there is not in fact an adjustable foot rest. So for smaller sized folks this might be an issue as even using the seat pushed correct forward you may possibly not be capable of touch your feet around the foot rest.
  • Added Features - Some features which you would most likely think about a necessity will expense you additional bucks, e.g. An Hour meter, mulch kit.

Toro Z4200 Review - Conclusion

All round we would very suggest this mower. It includes a excellent balance of speed, energy and agility. It functions effectively in each open areas and areas with features like trees.The only time we most likely wouldn’t advise it truly is if you have intense angled slopes you must combat. Aside from that, close to perfection!