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Honda HRX217HXA Review

The Honda HRX217K2HXA would be the center in the range mower in this particular sequence in terms of price tag. In terms of features, you stage as much as a cruise control hydrostatic self-propel system, as an alternative to the variable velocity a single you get within the VKA product. In any case, what is great about this model? And why the need to you think about getting it? Are there any damaging facets to this mower? They are the concerns we hope to test and reply for you throughout the program of the review.

Honda HRX217HXA Review

Honda HRX217K2HXA Review


  • NeXite Deck - Get this, no much more metal and aluminum decks which rust and experience the paint peeling. Honda’s NeXite decks are created from a virtually indestructible polymer substance (if you do not think us there is a YouTube video clip in which the decks are operated more than by using a truck and strike by using a sledgehammer - and even now really don't crack). This deck presents you many rewards: lighter, a lot more maneuverable, grass clippings do not adhere to it so it is less complicated to wash, you can get nearer to fences, partitions, and edges whilst nonetheless preserving a 21” chopping width.
  • Well Built & Requires Little Maintenance - If you have had any previous experience with Honda lawn mowers then you will know they really don't mess around. They are well built and designed to last. This mower is no different and will require little maintenance to keep it running like a champ.
  • Chopping Blades - You have the Microcut blade system in place here just like within the 2 other models in the HRX sequence. Basically, you have two blades slicing the grass instead of a single, like in most other mowers. This definitely helps as it produces ultra fine clippings that are ideal for redistributing onto your yard when mulching. Even if you want to bag this blade system will benefit you as you can fit a lot more on the smaller clippings into your lawn mower bagger so you won’t be emptying it nearly as often.
  • 4-in-1 Versamow System - Now this is something a bit special. This system allows you to bag, mulch, rear discharge or shred leaves without any additional attachments or inserts. Nice huh. What is much more is that you have a little lever around the mower called the “clip director”.This has a setting for “bagging mode” and a setting for “mulching mode”, with a number of other settings in between. This easy to use system allows you to actually a half bag, half mulch if you want or three-quarters bag, quarter mulch. It is really as much as you. We like this as it gives you the versatility to adapt to different conditions.
  • Cruise Control - If you are expecting a self-propel system on this model, then you won’t be disappointed. You get the Honda hydrostatic cruise control system which has 9 different pace settings for you. You ought to definitely be able to find a setting which suits your own pace as they vary from a slow mans walking pace to your slow jog. This system also does a good job on hills and slopes.
  • Blade Brake System - We have seen this on a few different mowers now, including the Toro, but it is nevertheless a luxury feature. It allows you to shut in the blades without shutting the engine off. So if you need to phase away from your mower for a second, maybe to remove a stone or to empty the grass catcher, then you won’t need to restart it up again.
  • Adjustable Handle - This is designed to adjust to be comfortable for people with varying heights. This will suit both taller and short people. No a lot more hunching in excess of the mower because of the handles too short.
  • Easy to Start - This mower starts within the first pull pretty much every time. And it doesn’t even need you to pull the cord so hard like you are trying to rip it through the mower. 1 light pull, that’s all it takes.

Honda HRX217K2HXA Review - Assembly

Literally, all you will have to do is lock the handle into place, install the bag and add gas and oil. Simple!

Honda HRX217K2HXA Review - Performance

  • Chopping Ability - We have found that this model leaves a very even surface after the cut, which is exactly how it needs to be. Doesn’t bog down or stall in longer grass. Repeat stalling is always a pain isn’t it but no such problems with this Honda.
  • Mulching Ability - This mower really does a good job at mulching. So if you are in the market for a mulching mower, you really won’t be disappointed here. The twin blades we mentioned earlier definitely help here. You can even mulch wet or damp grass with this mower and you won’t have a problem coping with thick grass either.

Honda HRX217K2HXA Review - Pros

  • Starts easily
  • Self-propel system makes it highly maneuverable
  • Multiple options with 4-in-1 deck
  • Turn off blades without turning off the engine
  • Mulches nicely
  • Cuts really nicely
  • NeXite deck insanely strong
  • Easy to set up
  • Quiet when running
  • Grass bag easy to use
  • Features cut down mowing time

Honda HRX217K2HXA Review - Cons

  • Value - This mower is expensive. There is no getting away from that. You will have to weigh up whether you want or need a top on the range mower. You really do get what you pay for here though.
  • On longer grass sometimes the wheels can tend to flatten it as it has slightly wider wheels than normal. Obviously, if it does flatten the grass then it will make the blade’s job much harder and sometimes results in the missed grass. Just do not let your grass get really long and you will be fine.
  • Weight distribution - this does seem to be a bit of a problem on all 3 Honda HRX models and on rear-drive models in general. Because in the rear drive transmission, the weight of the mower is biased towards the rear. When you bag clippings you are obviously further increasing the weight towards the rear from the mower and this can cause the front end to lift up and bounce. We would defiantly recommend that if you are intending to bag with this mower, do not fill the bag 100%. Fill it to 75-80% and then empty it.
  • Some people have found the rear wheel drive a little irritating if they have to make a lot of turns in their yard. This is because you will have to disengage the mower clutch and then re-engage it after you have turned. If you have a lot of turns as you can imagine this gets a bit tedious.
  • Handle area crowded - Although some people class this as an advantage, other people really don't actually like the fact that all the features are packed onto the handle. If you like simplicity then this won’t be for you. The short learning curve required - It will take you a little while to get used to all the features you have at your disposal here and how to use them. So you will need to spend a bit of time “getting to know” this mower.

Honda HRX217K2HXA Review - Conclusion

This is a top from the range mower and you do pay for all the features you get. But you have so much variety here that we defiantly think it is worth the big bucks. Honda is renowned for making durable mowers in any case, so you ought to get your money’s worth. What you get with the Honda HRX217K2HXA is versatility, a quality cut, convenience, and time-saving features. All in all, it is a very nicely produced lawn mower.

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