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Dixon Zero Turn Mowers Review

If we talk about zero turn riding mowers, Dixon is one of the oldest producers with great trust from customer. This American brand has been creating ZTRs since 1974, one of the extremely effective gardening and landscaping gear.

If you are considering to buying a new zero turn riding mower, think about a Dixon zero turn mower. They've several great product offered, both for residential or commercial use.

Dixon Zero Turn Mowers Review

Listed here are 5 Best Zero Turn Mower by Dixon:

1. Dixon DX152

Dixon DX152

Dixon zero turn mowers dx 152Dixon might be renowned for their residential zero turn mowers, however it does not imply that they could make a high-quality commercial unit. The DX152 is actually a great testament to this since it can effortlessly cover four.two acres per hour.

This Dixon commercial-grade mower continues to be a solid choice for any person who demands a heavy-duty mower without needing to commit a lot of.

2. Dixon DX254

Dixon DX254

dixon mowers reviews dx254Another commercial-grade model that you must seriously contemplate when hunting for any mower for expert use may be the Dixon DX254. As a portion on the brand’s high-end commercial series, DX200, this item is constructed to take on standard heavy use.

That is the entry-level unit within the DX200 series, so if you want anything much more effective, you may be positive to discover other excellent possibilities also. Nonetheless, this could currently be a great workhorse for all those who do not have commercial consumers but.

3. Dixon Speedztr 30

Dixon Speedztr 30

dixon zero turn reviews speedztr30A large amount of glowing Dixon zero turn reviews are for their residential units as they provide great power in compact packages, generating them best for house use. The Speedztr 30 is actually a great instance of those because it pairs a 30” cutting deck using a reliable Briggs & Stratton engine.

Its high-speed and great power makes the dixon lawn mower Speedztr 30 an excellent residential zero turn mower. While it does cost a bit far more than others, it might be very easily justified by its compact size and excellent productivity, generating it a solid choice despite getting to devote much more.

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4. Dixon Speedztr 48 SE

Dixon Speedztr 48 SE

dixon lawn mower reviews speedztr 48seIf you like the Speedztr but want to cover far more ground in every pass, the Speedztr 48 SE is another excellent option you have. It mows fast and clean since it can cover up to two.5 acres within an hour at a 6.5mph top speed.

Easy to handle and very effective, the dixon lawn mower Speedztr 48 SE is true to its name. This 1 may be the ideal option if you want a effective mower that will let you finish mowing your property in a flash.

5. Dixon Ultra 61

Dixon Ultra 61

dixon zero turn mower reviews ultra 61The Ultra 61 is often mentioned and recommended in many Dixon lawn mower reviews since it is certainly among the best products by this brand. It’s certainly one of their high-end residential mowers, so it promises great results.

For all those having a sizeable budget, the Dixon Ultra 61 can be a highly-recommended mower for its excellent performance and top-notch good quality.

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Dixon Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

Dixon lawn mowers are made by the Dixon mower company, which has been popular for zero-turn radius machines for quite some time now. In 2002, the company had to suffer such a setback due to the recall of 30,000 computers. After the mishap, Dixon has returned to the market with its well-designed models of mowers suitable for both commercial and residential use. The company had patented the Z-drive system, which left the hydrostatic drives behind, and people preferred it over the older technology.

Attractive Feature

The deck that was installed in it was another appealing aspect of the Dixon lawn mower that attracted its clients. The deck is not behind the driver, but at the top, which allows him to see the mowing edge. It is necessary to take care of steep grades with the use of a zero-turn radius mower. Dixon advises blade sharpening once a session for residential users and more often for commercial users. The blade height was adjustable as required.


Dixon lawn mowers can be ordered and bought online. Dixon has a price ranging from $1,900 to $4,000, and you can choose one according to your requirements.


Dixon was the corporation that patented a zero-turn lawn mower in 1974. There are various types of mowers made by this company and each serves its purpose in the best possible way. The business has been working on this slogan for the last 35 years.

Where to buy

Dixon lawn mowers are very costly when imported from nearby retailers. Buying online can be quick and affordable at the same time. There are navigation bars when you buy a mower on the internet from which you can quickly check for one of your options. You can end up with a decent price bid, save your money and purchase a new or used mower.


Dixon zero turn mowers continue to be an excellent option for many consumers thanks to its great top quality and superb performance. Each unit is constructed to be used for any long time too, so they could be worth the investment.