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Lawn Mower Pull Cord Stuck: What to do?

Pull-cord stuck are typical with lawn mowers. You might be tempted, when you are looking to appropriate the problem, to attempt to overpower the problem with force--but that's a confident approach to harm the mower or injure your arm. You can find a couple of tactics you can attempt to resolve the concern. When the pull-cord stuck nonetheless keeps the mower from starting, you could replace the recoil spring.

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How to Start a Lawn Mower When the Pull Cord Is Stuck

  1. Apply some spray lubricant towards the cord and gradually pull the cord in and out, working the spray lubricant into the compartment. Repeat the process a couple of occasions.
  2. Extend the rope (in the event the rope will not fully retract). Loosen the motor-blowing bolts, possess the rope extended, and strike the housing using the palm of your hand, The rope need to retract if misalignment was the problem. Tighten the motor-blowing screws. In the event the rope doesn't retract, the recoil spring must be replaced. This can be a touch location. You most likely must bring it to your repair shop if you have not fixed a recoil spring ahead of. A good deal of harm could be triggered if you make an error when looking to repair it your self, costing you numerous dollars.
  3. Replace the spring coil when the rope goes limp.
  4. Verify below your mower for any bent blade.


  • Reference the owner's manual for additional troubleshooting methods.
  • Always keep the location clear of bystanders and children when working on and running equipment.
  • Always wear eye protection, gloves, and appropriate clothing.
  • Always turn the mower off and remove the spark plug when working on or near the location of the blades or any part of the mower.

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