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Ryobi lawn mowers

If you are within the market for any new lawn mower, a Google search presents a dizzying array of options, information and jargon that you’re going to have to wrap your head around. Fortunately, Ryobi lawn mowers have helped make this a little bit less difficult with their offerings. 

What lawn mowers does Ryobi sell?

You will most likely know Ryobi for their power tools - chances are you or somebody you know features a drill produced by Ryobi within the shed. But did you know in addition they make lawn mowers? For the Australian market, Ryobi has released a concise arrangement of four distinct lawn mowers - two electric and two petrol-powered.

The latter group is perhaps essentially the most intriguing in the lot. Ryobi has collaborated with Subaru to deliver some powerful mowers. You’ll probably know Subaru for the cars, especially the boy-racer, exhaust rumbling WRX. While their mowers probably won’t go from 0-100 in significantly less than six seconds, they do supply a viable choice if you’re within the market for do-anything petrol mowers. See the range under for a rapid rundown:

Ryobi electric lawn mowers

Ryobi electric lawn mowers

If you have got a bit of a green thumb, or simply hate waking up your neighbours on a Sunday morning, then a Ryobi electric mower could possibly be for you. The standout mower within this coupling is the brushless 36v beauty (pictured). If you are asking yourself what on earth ‘brushless’ implies, then just know it can lead to a a lot more power-efficient mower, which then signifies you could get a lot more ‘bang for buck’ per charge. The brushless version features a large 5Ah lithium-ion battery, which delivers wonderful capacity and makes it possible for a run time of about 55 minutes, as per the Ryobi internet site.

This might be adequate to mow your complete lawn - depending on your block size of course! You’ll also have to consider the price - a ballpark figure of around $500+ for the brushless unit would be to be anticipated. The brushed unit could be discovered from $429 from Bunnings Warehouse.

Ryobi petrol lawn mowers

Ryobi petrol lawn mowers.jpg

If you’re a lot more inclined to adore the smell of petrol and just like the performance petrol can bring, then among these mowers Ryobi has collaborated with Subaru on might be far more up your alley. Long story quick, they are jam packed and potent. Upon hunting at the unit, you will likely be impressed by the rather massive donk - or engine - on top in the chassis. The standout model is the 190cc version, which, built by Subaru has an overhead cam, and is four stroke. It offers a hefty 11.2Nm of torque at 2500rpm. This could probably mean long, challenging grass is history.

With a huge deck of 460mm and a mulching function, this negative boy will probably make short perform of largely what ever type of lawn you throw at it; it is begging for a challenge. Chop chop! The mower also features four swing back blades to have in and out of mowing quicker. Ryobi collaboration with Subaru might appear odd, but in the end it delivers some powerful mowing capabilities, confident to excite a lot of weekend home upkeep warriors. At $499 from Bunnings Warehouse, the 190cc model represents excellent value for money that competes together with the top-line electric model.

Is actually a Ryobi lawn mower worth the money?

Ryobi may possibly look like a left-of-field mower of option for many, but what they provide competes with all the big boys in mowing. Their electric mowers provide great run-times and a few nifty features at a price comparable to many other electric mowers. Nonetheless, around $500 is absolutely nothing to sneeze at; you could find that on the market you can find many more affordable electric models out there these days. Though ahead of going out and buying the least expensive, you’ll have to consider factors like:

  • Battery size
  • Performance
  • Charge time
  • Blades and chassis top quality

You could discover that a lot of electric mowers skimp on these items to give you a much better price for the sake of going electric. However, Ryobi doesn't actually compromise - this really is reflected in their prices. Before buying up a Ryobi electric mower, you will have to examine these specifications with other brands within the market.

Ryobi’s petrol models, whilst similar in price, are a slightly diverse story. At around $500, they compete with the likes of Victa and Masport on price, but Ryobi beats them out on engine capacity and torque levels. That is most likely because of their intriguing collaboration with Subaru. Subaru have some exciting, potent cars on the market, so it’s a no-brainer that they can transfer this to a lawn mower. The Ryobi and Subaru collaboration has delivered some mowers that just may make you excited about truly mowing the lawn.

With both types of mower around the $400-$500 range, it is no ‘cheap and cheerful’-type setup. A mower is more than just a frivolous purchase; we suspect if you’ve accomplished your analysis, then a Ryobi mower - petrol or electric - may fit the bill for your mowing requirements.