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What type of Extension Cord Is for an Electric Lawn Mower?

Extension Cord Is for an Electric Lawn Mower
Not all extension cords are developed equally. An electric lawnmower demands a cord not merely made for outside use, but 1 using a heavy-duty building created to deal with intense situations. Whilst mowing in intense circumstances just isn't most likely, the further strength of each the wire inside the cord along with the cord coating defend it against abrasions and harm because the cord moves more than different surfaces although you mow.

Matching the Cord towards the Mower

The amp rating from the mower is actually essential to which gauge or wire thickness is best for that mower model; the owner's manual or even a sticker or plate around the mower lists the amp rating. Electric mowers typically draw six to 12 amps. When picking a cord according to gauge, the reduced the gauge quantity, a lot more energy the cord can manage. The maximum distance in the outlet to mower also determines which gauge is best for the mower. In case your mower is rated below ten amps, for example, a 16-gauge outside extension cord probably suits yours wants to get a cord as much as one hundred feet extended. For any mower rated at ten to 15 amps, a 12-gauge wire is actually a much better decision to get a lengthy extension cord, made to manage the added load and extended distance. A cord using a low quantity gauge, rated for outside use and rugged situations, is actually a much better choice than a cord not sturdy sufficient for the mower. An inadequate cord could lead to the mower to overheat.

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