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How To Charge a Riding Lawn Mower Battery With a Car

How To Charge a Riding Lawn Mower Battery With a Car
You may possibly get an unpleasant surprise right after leaving your riding mower in storage for the winter. Lead-acid batteries can gradually discharge inside the cold climate, and when you turn the essential within the spring, all you hear is ... properly ... absolutely nothing. Assuming the battery is in a very good adequate situation to accept a charge, you can use your vehicle to get the mower going. The best method to charge lawn mower battery is usually to jumpstart the mower and leave it operating to enable the alternator to complete the job. You can overheat and harm the battery, and possibly even result in an explosion, by leaving it hooked as much as the auto. If you're curious how to charge a lawn mower battery, you should know that you don't need to detach the battery from your mower until you charge it.

The Positive aspects of a Battery Charger

A lawn mower battery charger communicates with all the target battery, and when the charge level reaches a specific point, it reduces the input existing and tops off the battery by trickle charging. This prevents the battery from overheating and creating chemical compounds that harm the battery cells and shorten the life on the battery. A battery charger also controls the input existing on the initial bulk charge, which also guarantees the target battery does not charge also speedily and overheat. You get neither of those attributes when you leave your riding mower battery hooked as much as your auto battery, along with the benefits could possibly be disastrous.

The danger of overheating and damaging the mower battery increases if you leave the vehicle operating whilst the batteries are connected. You must turn the vehicle off, simply because the output from the car's alternator is higher than that in the mower. If you leave the vehicle off even though you charge the mower battery, nevertheless, you can simply drain the auto battery, and you could find yourself obtaining to jumpstart the automobile.

JumpStart the Mower If You Never Possess a Charger

It is secure to jump a riding mower battery from a vehicle battery, offered the battery within the mower is actually a 12-volt 1. As soon as the mower is going, just leave it operating to get an hour or two, along with the mower's alternator, which functions as a lawn mower battery charger, will do the rest. Ideally, you ought to get the mower going just ahead of you do a sizable mowing job. At the end of the job, the battery must be more-or-less completely charged. Here's the best way to jump the mower battery:
  1. Park your vehicle close adequate for the mower to let jumper cables to attain from a single battery to one more. The mower battery is normally below the seat, so if you park the vehicle behind the mower, you are going to be closer than if you park in front of it.
  2. Turn off the automobile; set the brake, and open the hood. Open the battery compartment inside the mower and clear out any paraphernalia that could possibly be within the way. Lift the plastic covers off the battery terminals in each automobile.
  3. Connect the cables within this order:
    • The red result in the constructive terminal around the mower battery.
    • The other end of the red result in the good terminal around the automobile battery.
    • The black cause the adverse terminal around the automobile battery.
    • The other end of the black brings about an exposed piece of metal around the physique from the mower.
  4. Commence the mower. Don't turn the auto on ahead of you do that. In the event the mower does not start off, it is protected to leave the batteries connected for any minute or two to partially revive the dead battery, then attempt once more. When the mower is going, disconnect the cables within the reverse order in which you connected them.

How long to trickle charge a lawn mower battery

For a trickle charge < 3amps 12-24 hours should be good. If you plan on using it soon, then you can jump it or use a higher charge rate then while you run/use the mower, it should catch up the charge on a good battery.

Can you use a car battery in a riding lawnmower?

Yes, of course, if the space is there, the higher the amps its easier to crank the engine.
Each battery has a certain Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) which is the minimum requirement to crank (start) and engine. Most of the riding lawnmower are likely to use 12N23 or 12N24 battery to start. If you can manage to put NS40 car battery inside, it will certainly able to start the lawnmower, even with more ease.
The problem, most likely you wont be able to put it inside since space is limited.

Other than that, it will work just fine, it will even give more lifetime to your regular/original battery