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How To Charge Your Lawnmower Battery

Charge Your Lawn Mower Battery
Battery-powered lawn mowers that operate on 24-V batteries are a relatively current addition to the globe of lawn mowing, and the batteries that come with a variety of designs need a specific charger that comes with the unit. Riding mowers that utilize 12-V batteries to energy their ignition methods have been close to considerably longer. The batteries are related to the ones you uncover in motorcycles, and like any car batteries, they can discharge soon after a prolonged time period of disuse. To charge one particular, you need to have a battery charger like the one particular you use for your auto.

24-V Push Mower Batteries

  1. Pull the battery out of its harness in the lawn mower. You normally have to press a button to release a lever whilst you pull.
  2. Insert the battery in the charger that came with the lawnmower. Most producers design and style the batteries to only into their brand of the charger; if you do not have 1 of these, you will have to purchase one particular.
  3. Plug in the charger and confirm that the charging light illuminates. Usually, a red light flashes and turns to flash green to indicate that charging has begun. If the light stays strong red, the battery is almost certainly as well warm to charge. Eliminate it and wait for thirty minutes just before making an attempt once again.
  4. Depart the battery in the charger and charger plugged in right up until the flashing green light turns to strong green. At this stage, charging is finished and the battery is prepared to use.

Push Mower Self Chargers

Some push mowers come with a plug-in charger. To charge the battery, plug the transformer into the wall, take away the security crucial if applicable and insert the charger plug into the receptacle on the mower; check with your owner's guide for the spot of the receptacle -- it truly is frequently on the mower take care of. A red light will illuminate, indicating the battery is charging. Charging is full when the light adjustments to green. It can get up to twelve hrs or much more to charge an entirely discharged battery.

12-V Riding Mower Batteries

  1. Open the battery compartment. You could require a screwdriver to do this, based on the style of your mower.
  2. Loosen the battery cables with a wrench and pull them off the battery terminals. Get rid of the cable from the optimistic terminal very first. You can depart the battery in the mower even though charging it, but if you might favor to get it out, you can do that, as well.
  3. Set the toggle on your battery charger to twelve V. Decide on a charging existing of two amps, if the charger has an ""Automatic"" present setting, pick that.
  4. Connect the optimistic lead on the charger -- it is typically the red 1 -- to the constructive battery terminal and connects the other lead to the adverse battery terminal. Most chargers have alligator clips that securely latch onto the terminals.
  5. Plug in the charger and turn it on, if it has an on/off lever. Depart it linked and plugged in for at least 5 hrs. Several chargers turn themselves off when the battery is completely charged; if yours does not have that characteristic, never depart it on for much more than eight hrs.
  6. Unplug the charger, then disconnect the prospects from the battery terminals. Substitute the cables and tighten them onto the battery lugs with a wrench.