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Different Types of Riding Mower Batteries

The final point you need on mowing day can be a battery that will not commence your riding mower. Thankfully, discovering an appropriate replacement for any dead battery isn't tough because most riding mowers will accept batteries of a normal size and voltage. Variations in battery building, although, could make some batteries a far better option than other folks, and a few replacement batteries may possibly not perform within your mower at all.
Different Types of Riding Mower Batteries


The voltage rating of a battery is really a measure of how much current can flow by way of it at a provided time. Practically all riding lawnmower batteries are 12-volt batteries, as are most automotive and also other car batteries. Some batteries labeled as mower batteries are greater voltage -- as significantly as 36 or 40 volts -- but they are typically specialized batteries created to energy electric walk-behind mowers and should not be confused with riding mower batteries.

Size and Terminal Position

Batteries are classified by their physical size, and person-size categories are offered a "group number" by the Battery Council International. Most riding lawnmower batteries are group U1 batteries; they're about eight. three inches extended, five.1 inches wide and 7.25 inches higher. You'll find two types of these batteries, differentiated by the position of their positive terminals. U1 batteries have their positive terminals around the left, and U1R batteries have their positive terminals around the correct. The distinction is substantial since the length of a mower's battery cables can avoid a battery together with the incorrect terminal position from fitting. Often verify the terminal position of the old battery ahead of you acquire a replacement.


Batteries are created with metal plates submerged inside a sulfuric acid answer, and in traditional batteries, the plates are produced of lead impregnated with antimony. The disadvantage of this sort of building is the fact that batteries have a tendency to drop charge more than time, even when they are not in use, and also the antimony content material in the plates causes corrosion on the battery elements. Some newer batteries incorporate calcium into their plates, which assists to lessen troubles with self-discharge and corrosion; calcium batteries are also much less prone to harm from vibration and influence. Absorbed glass mat and gel cell batteries limit the level of liquid acid within the battery so the battery will not spill if it suggestions more than.

Cold Cranking Amps

Batteries are rated in regard for the "cold cranking amps" they're able to create. The CCA rating measures how much current the battery can provide in 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit; the greater the quantity, the far more energy the battery can place out within a fast burst at low temperatures. Even though you are unlikely to become employing your riding mower when the temperature is under zero, the CCA rating can offer you a notion of how robust the battery will probably be on chilly days.