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Fiskar Coring Aerator Review

Improve the health of your lawn with an easy-to-use aerator.

fiskars coring aerator
Fiskars aerator make aerating a breeze with an innovative tool that is effective and easy-to-use. The extended reach design of fiskars coring aerator means you won’t have to kneel or bend down while aerating your lawn. Sharpened steel tubes penetrate soil easily, a large foot platform makes it easy to maximize penetrating force, and a padded T-handle design provides comfortable use and excellent control. See also Lawn Aerator | Type Of Aerator


  • Ideal for improving lawn health by increasing water, oxygen and nutrient movement in soil
  • Sharpened steel tubes easily pierce tough soil
  • Large foot platform makes it easy to maximize force with your body weight
  • Long shaft makes aerating easy for anyone who has trouble kneeling or bending
  • Padded T-handle offers comfortable use and excellent control
  • Sturdy, welded-steel construction provides lasting durability
  • Lifetime warranty