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Step N Tilt Core Lawn Aerator Review

The Step N Tilt lawn aerator

My huge issue with manual lawn aerators has actually constantly been their design. I'm 6'4" and every aerator appeared to be created for somebody not over the mid-5's. The majority of lawn aerators are generally a metal hoop with a manage at top and branches at the bottom which pull the plugs from your lawn.

The aerators I utilized had just a really little loop in which to stick your foot and step down on the aerator. You truly have issues getting it in there if your foot is huge like mine and inside a work boot. That action likewise produces sluggish aerating.

Step N Tilt's design developments

Step N Tilt Core Lawn Aerator Review
Easy to step on, simple to move

"I initially created and developed the Step N Tilt lawn aerator for my own use due to the fact that other manual lawn aerators worsened my lower back and shoulder discomfort", states Yeow Ng, who designed the Step N Tilt in his house garage. "The Step N Tilt design which appears like a handtruck makes use of ... take advantage of to decrease the force required to pull the aerator branches from the ground through a much simpler tilting action rather than a pulling action.

The handtruck style design with a manage that loops towards you, the Step N Tilt provides a number of other good design developments like a big baseplate to step on and press the branches into your lawn. This produces faster work, as you do not need to have a hard time to obtain your foot in and out of a loop, and there's absolutely nothing to obtain your boot captured on.

A problem I had with other lawn aerators was exactly what to do when the within of the branches got caked with so much clay that they ended up being ineffective. When the plugs got stuck in the branches they were in some cases difficult to get rid of, rendering the aerator ineffective.

I was pleased to find 2 enhancements in the branches with the Step 'N Tilt lawn aerator. The very first is a little tool consisted of in the box for pressing stuck plugs through the branches. These little developments-- so evident in reconsideration-- indicates you will not have to purchase another aerator for lots of years, as you can change the branches when they get dull, busted, or compressed with plugs beyond all hope of elimination.

The Step N Tilt likewise has movable deflectors, or as I call them "wings", on the base plate to direct the connected into your lawn. There's likewise an optional collection box offered, so if you do not such as the appearance of the pulled plugs laying in your lawn for a week till they break down, you can quickly offload the gathered connected into your compost heap.

The Step N Tilt lawn aerator is produced by Vibrant Yard Company, LLC, in the Wichita/Andover, Kansas location, and is presently just offered online. They plan to broaden into traditional shops across the country within the next few years.

Step N Tilt Lawn Core Aerator with Container