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EZ Core Manual Lawn Aerator

EZ CORE manual lawn aerator
EZ CORE manual lawn aerator develops approximately 3" long, over 5/8" diameter cores each time. It opens soil well listed below turf roots. This aerator is crafted to get rid of problems such as regular obstructing and hard penetration seen in other manual lawn aerators. The special branch design removes the blocking issue hence decreases the downtime. The sharpened branch ideas make punching really simple. Unlike some other aerators that have too long of branches, EZ CORE Lawn Aerator enables you to raise your foot simply high adequate to punch the holes. While some aerator needs the user to eliminate his/her foot from the step bar prior to punching the next holes, EZ CORE does not. Enjoying the cores popping out one after another makes you feel helpful for the yard. This device can core your lawn much faster than anticipated, and provide you a little exercise at the very same time. Simply do not forget to put on a pair of gloves.

Light-weight, the whole device is sturdily made. All steel building together with arc welding offers it enduring efficiency. It's likewise powder covered for deterioration defense.

EZ CORE Lawn Aerator enables you to aerate just the locations that require aeration, as often as you desire, as thick as you desire. You can prevent leasing and transferring heavy device or making costly service calls. You can likewise prevent destructive your in-ground lawn sprinkler or breaking any cable televisions and wires. Often, the most needy location is the location that can not be reached by heavy devices. EZ CORE aerators is a genuinely efficient device for a healthy lawn.