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Turf Hound Aerator Review

Turf Hound Aerator

I believe the Turf Hound aerator is an excellent device to have. I would extremely suggest it to any individual looking for an option to gas-powered aerators or anybody looking to conserve cash this period.

It is extremely simple to make use of and resilient. I struck a couple of roots and rocks that I could not press into and there was no damage to the Turf Hound whatsoever.
Turf Hound Aerator Review

Turf Hound aerating Tips

Put on work gloves when making use of the Turf Hound. In a 1,000 square foot location, with an objective of 18 holes per square foot, you will certainly be pulling up on the Turf Hound 9,000 times.

If you're making use of the aerator and you do not see the plugs being ejected out the top, your soil might be too damp. If you discover it's too tough to aerate, your soil is most likely too dry.

If they're not, the holes in the aerator might have obstructed up. If you're working with excellent soil wetness material, this will not occur frequently. This is really essential, since if the holes get obstructed, you're not aerating, you're in fact pressing the soil down and condensing it.

Attempt not to flex over while making use of the Turf Hound. I'm over 6' tall and I want the turf hound might be simply a little bit taller. If I make use of 2 hands on the Turf Hound I wind up having to flex over, which makes utilizing it a little bit more hard.

Take care of roots and rocks. If one side of the aerator strikes a rock, root or other blockage that avoids it from going all the method into the soil, it will certainly end up being unequal and if you're not focusing, can trigger you to lose your balance. Exactly what I discovered finest was to keep both feet grown securely on the ground up until the Turf Hound dug in, then raise my other foot so my weight was on the Turf Hound to assist drive it in additionally.

The Turf Hound is covered with a corrosion evidence covering, however I discovered that it began to put on away after its very first usage. I make sure I let it dry in the sun prior to I put it away.

Ways to Use a Turf Hound Aerator

The Turf Hound could not be easier to utilize. Put your dominant foot on bench in between the 2 cores. Support it with your had and you're basically simply strolling your method to a much healthier yard.

I was able to do about 100 sq ft in about 10 minutes, making use of a tight hole pattern. It had not been laborious, however as I discussed previously, if you're tall, you desire to keep and attempt from flexing over. I discovered that I just required to utilize my hand to assist support it, so I was able to utilize one hand, which kept me from flexing over.