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The Time Has Come To Aerate And Top-dress Your Lawn

It is prematurily . to fertilize the lawn for the year, but 2 things that can be done now and have significant impact on lawn performance are usually aeration and top-dressing.

Aeration is the process of cutting programmes into the lawn and getting rid of the soil plugs in order that air and moisture can easily penetrate to the root method and waste gases can easily escape. The easiest way to do this is always to rent an aerator that will cuts the plugs and also lays them on the lawn surface.

topdressing lawn
When the job is completed the lawn looks like a person has left lots of cigar slip behind. The plugs break-up after a few days and you are usually left with less condensed soil and a healthier lawn.

After aerating the lawn, you can increase the positive impact regarding aeration by applying a half-inch layer of compost for the lawn. The compost filtration into the aeration channels to profit the root area.

You do not need to get fussy about applying the particular top-dressing. It is a day desire job; a good way to get some workout, enjoy the great winter weather and also daydream about movie stars, sportfishing success, winning the lotto or whatever else pleases an individual. All this while you are making a significant contribution to an attractive healthy and balanced lawn.

You can purchase the fragment from one of the excellent horticultural source companies in town including Top quality Organic, Keller Material, Créateur Garden Supply, New World Products or GardenVille. In order to pick-up truck to their whole lot for a load or keep these things deliver the material.

Quality Organic and natural has a “quantity calculator” in its website and some in the others may also, or you can phone the supplier with your lawn dimensions, and they will calculate the quantity you need. One cubic lawn at ½-inch deep will take care of 648 square feet of lawn (approximately 20 feet simply by 32 feet). A large lawn that is 100 feet simply by 100 feet will require 12-15 cubic yards of fragment.

I recommend compost rather than “top-dressing” because the top-dressing, sold for approximately the same price as fragment, includes sand which I look at a filler. The compost will be the active ingredient.