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How Much Does it Cost to Aerate a Lawn?

Lawn aeration is usually combined with fertilizing to save on costs and to make sure the procedure is most effective. Mixing fertilization and aeration may lower costs by as much as $40 or more.

Cost to aerate lawn depend on how big is the lawn. Most lasts show lawn aerating into the future in at about $175 for the procedure, and keepers can spend anywhere from buck. 10 to $. 36 per square foot. In the event that aeration is being done by typically the homeowner, they can expect to shell out rental fees of $65 to $250 per day. Products can be rented at home advancement stores. In general, most aeration methods are based on either a guide book or a motorized aerator. Intended for smaller lawns, a guide book aerator works best. Motorized aerators are ideal for large lawns and a few riding mowers even element spike or aerator devices.

After aerating, the land plugs should be left throughout, so that they may decompose appropriately and break down any grass thatch. They can be broken up down the line by riding over regarding a mower or by way of heavy raking. Immediately after aerating, fertilizer can be applied without necessity for soil or manure. This certainly won't injury the lawn, but heavy compacted soil may need some kind of compost applied over it for you to fall into the spiked slots. Also, be sure to water extensively after aeration more than once so as to allow water to reach typically the roots and to penetrate typically the soil fully.