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Oct Is Most Important Month To Spotlight Lawn Care

lawn care
There’s at least one in each and every neighborhood: the homeowner with all the meticulously groomed, camera-ready playing surface that belongs on the protect of Better Homes and Landscapes. Not just a nice lawn yet one that’s fawned above. It isn’t grass, it may be life’s passion, the hunt for true lawn fulfillment.

Mowing is done diagonally with medical precision in alternating guidance to give crisscrossing patterns. Errant turf footprints aren’t made possible on the carpet of earth-friendly.

I like these people because they required rest of us a goal that many of us can only dream of achieving.

Turf care recommendations have taken a strong abrupt about-face in recent years. Originate always seemed the pure time to fertilize, rake, seed products and spray for weeds. Extensive university research these days shows that fall lawn care is much more important, in some cases even upgrading the spring activity.

This causes sense. After summer’s heat up and occasional dry spells out, lawn grass becomes even more active, green and lush by using fall’s bright, cool conditions and it’s logical of which lawn care should increase in effect.

Homeowners are increasingly thorough about judicious use of lawn-care products. Providing care as soon as it’s most productive reduces waste products. Here are current recommendations for lawn care:


Fall fertilizing amongst Labor Day and quick October is more important as compared with spring fertilizing.
Grass flowers naturally respond to fall’s good conditions by developing bigger root systems and higher shoot growth, helping yards to thicken up. Fertilizer provides nutritional support.
Turf remains greener longer together with proper fall nutrition.
Yards green up quicker subsequent spring.
Fall-fertilized grass will become healthier and better able to stand up to next summer’s heat, dried periods, weeds and condition.

Weed control

Fall weed handle between now and March. 15 is more effective than early spring weed control.
Weeds the natural way move material downward within their roots to store energy regarding winter survival. If weed killers are applied in slide, weeds carry the toxic downward, killing the plant more accurately than spring and summer season applications.
Weeds that are hand-pulled or dug have fewer chance to gain strength and also regrow.
In fall there is less chance of collateral injury to flowers, gardens, trees and also landscapes from spray destruction, drift and volatilization.


Although power-raking is common inside spring, September is better due to the fact grass recovers quicker together with fall’s ideal growth problems.
Power-raking, also called dethatching, is effective if lawns contain above ½ inch of thatch buildup. Remove a small straight plug from the lawn’s account. Thatch is the undecomposed, mild tan layer between environmentally friendly grass tissue and the earth below. Healthy lawns will need to have some thatch.
Some grass lawns never require power-raking for the reason that thatch decomposes naturally towards beneficial soil-enhancing compost.

Core aeration

In heavy, clay-type earth or compacted soil, center aeration promotes improved mineral water and air penetration.
Core aerator
machines remove plugs with soil from the lawn. Sept, is preferred over originate.
After compacted lawns will be aerated, the health and deep of the root system will increase.


September is the favorite month for lawn seeding. May is second most effective.
Seeding entire new grass lawns or fill-in of prevailing lawns is successful now.
Slip is nature’s preferred time for you to grass seeding. It’s much better to maintain a moist seedbed for better germination. There are less weed competition. Small fall temperatures encourage advancement.
If grass is seeded by

Sept. 15, them germinates, grows and confirms well before the end of the raising season. If it’s discouraging to complete seeding by the end with September, planting can be slowed until late October or simply early November just before land freeze-up. Called “dormant seeding, ” grass seed are going to be in place, ready to sprout at the begining of spring.

Leaf raking substitute

Instead of removing leaves in the lawn, they can be shredded available to provide soil-enriching organic stuff.
Don’t allow deep cellular levels of leaves to remain. When you can still see grass mower blades through the leaves, it’s excellent to shred in place. In the event that deep, rake away surplus.
Several passes with the grass mower increase shredding.
Seldom mow over leaves via trees that have foliage disorders like apple scab, lung burning ash anthracnose or leaf locations. Disease organisms survive winter months on leaf debris, triggering reinfection of trees next season. Rake and remove compromised leaves.

Fall mowing

Carry on and mow throughout fall very well height as recommended intended for summer - 2½ to three inches.
Height can be diminished for a final clean-up trimming at season’s end. Extra tall, floppy grass can yoga exercise mat during winter, promoting disease along with providing shelter for rapines, the mouse-like creatures in which leave serpentine surface souterrain through turf.