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Really should We Sharpen the Sod Plugger?

Sod pluggers are usually used by a gardener at the first of the growing season. If you are a Homeowner with small lawn you can use it to aerate the lawn. Sod plugger as pruning and excavating tools should be sharp. Sharpen sod plugger once on a yearly basis, will keep the tool in good condition and make aeration easier.

Sod pluggers are also called lawn pluggers, lawn aerators or core aerators is used to remove a small but deep core or a plug of soil from turf. By doing aeration will help reduces soil compaction, and allow the grassroots better use of air, water and fertilizer.
How to Sharpen the Sod Plugger

How to Sharpen the Sod Plugger

Sharpening sod plugger helps them slide into the soil. Clean sod plugger before sharpening it. Remove soil and other organic matter from it with water and a wire brush. If the sod plugger is rusty, remove it with steel wool or sandpaper. Sharpen the plugger by using single-cut, fine- and medium-grit mill bastard files. Secure the cutting cylinder in a vise to make it easier to sharpen. Remove the cutting cylinder from the handle first to makes it easier and the plugger is designed for that removal. Scrape the end of the cylinder with a file, moving it diagonally across the metal blade in the direction away from your body. Depending on how dull the sod plugger is, it may have to be filed for quite a while or for only a few strokes.

Maintaining The Sod Plugger

To keep your sod plugger in sharp, lubricate its cylinder with synthetic oil after you sharpen it. Never oil before you sharpen it. Care of the handles to make your hands comfortable and to avoid blister while you work. Clean wooden handles with a stiff brush, smoothed with sandpaper and then coated with oil to protect them from splintering. The old plastic coating that is wearing thin or coming off the handles should be removed and replaced with spray-plastic handles.