The simplest method to Aerate Your Lawn Acquiring a Pitch Fork

Lawn aeration reveals compacted soil so moisture and oxygen can achieveachieve grass roots, which outcomes inside the healthier lawn. Despite the fact that distinctive core aerators, which get rid of plugs of soil, function very best, a pitchfork perform inside the pinch as becoming a simple aeration answer. (Read also  The Best Ways to Choose a Manual Plug Aerator Or Core Aerator) Awesome-season grasses benefit most from aeration inside the fall and spring, although warm-season grasses require aeration inside the summer time time time time time time timesummer time time. Aerate only when the grass is positively expanding rather of dormant for the season.
Pitch Fork

  1. Mow the lawn clearly. Rake the grass clippings within the lawn and compost or get rid of them.
  2. Hold a pitchfork when utilizing the tines vertical primarily based for that lawn, starting in 1 corner. Push the tines straight lower their total length, poking holes that penetrate the primary concentrate the grass.
  3. Proceed four to 6 inches and insert the pitchfork once once more. Still pierce holes inside the ground at 4- to 6-inch occasions inside the row. Ought to you total the row, begin aerating another row subsequent for that initial. Still the whole lawn is aerated.
  4. Water the lawn immediately following aerating so water can penetrate for the root concentrate the lawn grass. With regular watering and mowing, the holes will finish up significantly less visible.

In situation your lawn has thatch buildup greater than 1/2 inch on leading inside the soil, dethatch it obtaining a thatching rake anytime you aerate.

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