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The simplest way to Aerate Your Lawn Using a Pitch Fork

Lawn aeration breaks up compacted soil so that moisture and oxygen can penetrate grass roots, resulting in a healthy lawn. Although a pitchfork works better, as a simple aeration solution, with special core aerators which extract soil plugs.  (Read also  The Best Ways to Choose a Manual Plug Aerator Or Core Aerator) Cold grasses in spring and fall are mainly ventilated, while warm grass in the summer has to be aerated. just aerate when the grass grows and doesn't sleep during the season.
Pitch Fork

  1. Mow the grass as planned. Rake or dispose of grass clippings from the lawn and compost.
  2. Keep a pitchfork with tines perpendicular to the grass, starting at one corner. Thrust the tines right through the field with their full length, punching holes that reach the grass root layer.
  3. Step 4 to 6 inches forward and mount the pitchfork again. Continue to pierce the holes in the earth at 4-6-inch intervals in a series. When you have completed the row, continue aerating the second row next to the first row. Proceed until the whole lawn has been aerated.
  4. Water the lawn directly after aeration so that water can reach the grass root region. Through frequent watering and mowing, the holes are less visible.

When your lawn has thatch accumulation of more than 1/2 inch at the top of the surface, dethatch it with a thatching rake until you aerate.