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5 Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Conventional Methods of Growing Lawns

Hydroseeding or hydromulching is a grass planting procedure which uses a slurry of mulch and seed. The slurry might also consist of other ingredients like fertilizer, green dye and tackifying agents. The mixture is contained in a tank or large container that is either mounted on a truck or trailer. Then, the slurry is sprayed more than the ground. Aircraft application can also be excellent for spraying more than larger places of land.

The United States began utilizing hydroseeding for industrial use throughout the early 1950s. It was later introduced in United Kingdom around the starting on the 1960s. From that point forward, the process of hydroseeding has been utilised all around the globe to develop grass on industrial sites, lawns, golf courses and areas too large to suit other planting methods. Listed below are some reasons why many individuals favor hydroseeding over conventional types of seeding. See also The Benefits Of Aeration And Overseeding

1. Quicker Results

With suitable watering and a ground temperature of more than 62 degrees, an area which has been sprayed with a seed and mulch slurry will start to grow grass in as early as 7 days. Beneath normal conditions a new lawn may be grown in as quickly as 3-4 weeks.

2. Cost-effective

Hydroseeding normally costs significantly less than sodding but costs more than the typical seeding process. Sods normally cost three to 5 times higher than the hydroseeding method. Even though you place the sod your self, purchasing it is still quite pricey. But if you need to employ a person to install the sod, the labor cost would easily make sodding unsuited for larger places.

3. Erosion Control

Spraying the seed and mulch slurry more than hillsides and sloping lawns is an powerful way of controlling erosion.

4. Healthier Growth

Since hydromulched grass grows in the soil you spray the mulch more than, it will not undergo transplant shock that generally takes place when the soil is various from the very first soil that the sod was planted in. Moreover, sod may dry out in the course of transport and when subjected to longer installation times. Hydromulched lawns also develop healthy and effectively crowd out weeds and fight illnesses.

5. Even Distribution

Within the conventional methods of establishing a lawn, it really is difficult to see which locations are currently covered and which places are not. This usually results to an uneven and clumpy growth effect. In hydroseeding, this may never be a problem. The dye that's usually included within the slurry permits you to immediately see the progress on the seeding, generating it possible to have 100% coverage.