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What exactly is Power Raking?

power raking
Power raking may be the process of cutting swathes in to the dead material of lawns to get rid of dead grass so the soil can breathe along with the grass can develop much more effectively. Power raking differs from dethatching in extent. Even though dethatching tears deeply in to the soil, removing each dead layers and healthful root systems, power raking can be a gentle process design and style to tear out only the grass material in the surface from the soil.

Power Raker

A power raker can be a distinct kind of machine equipped with roto-tiller-like blades which might be intended to become employed on lawns. It's regarding the size of a lawnmower, frequently bigger, and numerous home owners rent them from neighborhood landscaping solutions. The blades are set to turn just around the surface on the lawn, to ensure that they dig in to the grass bed and dead material covering the soil with out in fact digging it up. Power rakers generate a layer of detritus along with a typical raking is usually done afterwards.


Dethatching is done making use of precisely the same machine as power raking, only the blades are various and generally set to a considerably reduce level to ensure that they dig in to the soil and tear up dead grass material. This removes a lot more lawn material and calls for plenty of cleaning up afterward, so dethatching is generally followed by in depth raking, fertilizing and seeding. The two terms are often interchangeable.


Power raking is observed as an less difficult and much more effective alternative than dethatching. Since the blades only reduce the surface on the grass, it aerates the lawn and aids do away with dead matter without having destroying the wholesome grass. Dethatching is actually a considerably more comprehensive process that could tear apart developing grasses and must be followed by cautious care in the lawn. Power raking targets only the dead grass layer and when done properly, removes waste with out causing harm in order that the lawn can heal rapidly and no permanent harm is done.


Power raking, as opposed to dethatching, is usually done inside the spring or fall. Fall rakings are done to clear out dead grass just before winter so it will not have time for you to type a thick mat. Spring power raking is done prior to the grass starts to develop once again in order that the lawn will probably be in optimal situation.


Each power raking and dethatching are frequently accompanied by re-seeding and fertilizing. When dethatching, this can be typically essential to replace the lawn matter torn out by the process. When power raking, re-seeding offers the lawn new development and promotes all round overall health.