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Vonhaus 2 in 1 Scarifier and Aerator Review

People no longer have enough time to take care of the lawn in the yard. So, it is crucial for every homeowner to buy an efficient lawn dethatcher. Finding high quality and durable electric lawn rake can be confusing. It is very time-consuming for reading the review online, comparing price, features of a ton of electric lawn scarifier.

If you want to buy one, the VonHaus 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher & aerator is the right choice. in this article, we review one of the best lawn scarifier and aerator available on the market, Vonhaus 2 in 1. It has two functions, as dethatcher and scarifier and aerator. It contains many amazing built-in features.

Why Choose Vonhaus 2 in 1 Scarifier and Aerator

vonhaus 2 in 1 lawn scarifier and aerator
Vonhaus 2 in 1 sacrifier and aerator has a selection of powerful, compact and easy to use, designed for everyday use. easy to handle, suitable for everyone experience or not.

VonHaus 2 in 1 is powerful and durable, very helpful to help you do a task in a day. You can use it in all terrain and weather. They have a compact design, so you can store it in your shed.

Vonhaus 2 in 1 Scarifier and Aerator Review

Easy to use

the vonhasue 2 in 1 aerator and scarifier remove thatch and moss, aerate the soil, improve water drainage to make your lawn healthier.

its lightweight, only 9.9kg making it easy to remove. it comes with a 10-meter cable to help reach many places in your lawn.

The VonHaus 2 in 1 has an adjustable handle that allows you to set it up according to your height and comfort.

Its have 4 adjustable working depth, offer flexibility to get the desired result on your lawn.

High power motor

powered by 12.5 amp motor, VonHaus 2 in 1 is a fast machine. This Corded lawn dethatcher and aerator can work fast for long period. Yet, it recommended to not using it over one hour continuously to prevent overheating. Better to rest some minutes to cool down the machine.
Two interchangeable roller

Two interchangeable roller

This lawn rake equipped with dual purpose drum that interchangeable for a different task. Thus, you can change the roller based on your purposed. Dethatching roller for clean thatch debris. And aerating roller for improving nutrient and absorption capacity of your lawn.

Collection bag

It has a large collection bag to hold thatch, leave and debris up. But many customers said that the collection bag not enough to collect many thatches, especially if your lawn is large. So if your lawn is large, you must empty the bag frequently. Yet, this tool is a perfect choice for domestic use with a relatively small yard. See best riding lawn mower with bagger

Pro and cons

Pro Con
12.5A Extremely powerful motor Overheat and need to cool down
The blade is easy to clean The thatch bag is small. You have to remove the debris frequently from the device.
The two-year warranty is amazing The dual button mechanism creates problems when you have to stop the machine often.
It offers higher value at lower cost The aerator is not as efficient as the dethatcher.
Easy to assemble and use The price of the item needs further consideration.
15” working width
5 working depths
It has a 45L collection bag
2-year warranty and easy to follow manual.


Considering the above discussion, the VonHaus Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator is worth purchasing. Although it has some disadvantages, the advantages exceed them. Many Customers satisfied with the performance of the machine. If you searching for a fast and efficient tool to get your lawn and garden shine then vonhaus 2 in 1 scarifier and aerator is a perfect choice.

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