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Dethatching St Augustine Grass

Dethatching St Augustine Grass

st augustine thatch is really a layer of partially decomposed plant material that builds up around the soil’s surface. Typically, much more than 1 half inch of thatch on basic turf regions decreases the turf vigor by restricting movement of air, water and fertilizers in to the soil. Excessive st augustine thatch  also restricts root improvement and offers a appropriate atmosphere for insect and illness troubles. Thatch might be removed by a vertical mower or by other indicates of dethatching for example a energy rake.

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Vertical mowing aids preserve turf healthful by removing the vegetation in the thatch layer. This dead vegetation is lifted towards the surface by the blades on the vertical mower. Vertical mowing may be carried out inside the early spring on warm season grasses just just before green up happens, or when the grass is growing swiftly but not so hot that the water needs are higher.

Dethatching gear may be rented from nearby nurseries or rental firms. Ensure the distance amongst the blades around the machine might be adjusted. They need to be no closer than three inches for St. Augustine grass.

Keep in mind to fertilize following dethatching since the turfgrass has been broken and requirements the stimulation to recover.

dethatching st augustine lawn can severely harm it. In case you can not adjust the vertical blades to three inches apart, usually do not make use of the machine. When the blades are adjustable, make only 1 pass (in a single path).

How do I know its time to dethach my St. Augustine grass?

When you have greater than a half an inch of st augustine grass thatch, or decomposed plant material, its time to dethatching st augustine lawn. Should you examine your grass you must have the ability to decide in the event the grass is growing on soil or thatch. If its that latter you realize what to perform.

Do I require particular gear for St Augustine grass dethatching?

Yes! The power tool you rent to dethatch need to have vertical blades. Its also crucial you locate vertical blades which might be adjustable left to appropriate, so you'll be able to place at minimum of three? among the blades. This make sure that the stolons are not reduce permanently damaging your lawn.

When should I dethatch st augustine thatch?

Only dethatch when your St Augustine is growing vigorously. This really is generally within the June to July time frame.

What to do soon after I’m completed dethatching?

As soon as you are completed dethathing st augustine grass, give your lawn a healthful dose of fertilizer and water as its been traumatized and requirements some additional nutrients to recover.

Now that the thatch has been removed your St Augstine grass ought to flourish. Each of the restriction of air, water, and fertilizers are removed. 

Aerating st augustine grass

Early summer is the perfect time to aerating St. Augustine grass because it is growing rapidly. Aerating twice a year on very compacted soils is not out of the question. After aerating, add fertilizer and water to help the turf recover quickly.