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How to Kill Moss in Lawns

Got the green fuzzies within your yard? You have got moss! Initially, you may not see it. Soon, after all, it is green. But once you appear a lot more closely, possibly you notice that shady portion of the lawn has turned into fuzz. Moss could appear good on rocks and trees, but in lawns it signifies difficulty. Controlling moss in the lawn begins with understanding why you've got moss growing within the first place.

What's Moss?

Moss can be a shallow-rooted plant that spreads by spores and root-like structures known as rhizoids. It loves to develop throughout the gray, wet days of late fall and early spring. Moss will not overtake or kill your lawn but alternatively will fill inside the spaces exactly where the lawn is thin. In case your lawn is struggling and also you have moss filling within the gaps, it is a superb indication that you just possess a deeper issue, like compacted soil, poor drainage, low soil pH, or not adequate sunlight.

How to Control Moss

Iron-based moss control products are extremely efficient at controlling moss. As with most moss controls, these products are most effective when applied even though moss is actively growing, which can be typically through the cool, wet spring and fall. Prior to applying, mow the region quick and eliminate the clippings to expose the moss. Shortly right after remedy, the moss will turn black and die.

How to Prevent Moss from Returning

Control of moss demands greater than just killing off the current moss in your lawn. The very best method to prevent moss from returning is always to appropriate the underlying explanation the moss started growing inside the first place.

If areas on the lawn are getting significantly less than three hours of sunlight each day, trim tree branches to enable much more sunlight to attain the lawn. For areas on the lawn that only acquire six to eight hours of filtered sunlight or three to four hours of direct sunlight, plant a shade-tolerant grass.

Excellent lawn practices will assist your lawn to develop thick and preserve moss at bay. Feed routinely and mow in the highest advised height for the grass kind to encourage deep rooting.

Moss grows greater than grass in wet, poorly drained soils. Aerate compacted soils and incorporate wealthy, composted material, to assist increase drainage. Only water the lawn when required - just 1 inch of water per week is all most lawns want.

How to Control Moss on Hard Surfaces

Moss may also develop on hard surfaces, especially in shady, damp areas from the yard. Even though they will not harm the surface they’re growing on, they are able to make patios, methods, porches, and sidewalks slippery. Apply an item that is certainly secure for use on hard surfaces, which kills moss, algae, and lichens with no staining.

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