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String Trimmer Buying Guide

A string trimmer gets into areas that a lawn mower cannot and may also tackle tall weeds or grass that may possibly choke a mower. It is the perfect tool for maintaining the edges of one's garden or walkway neat and tidy and for manicuring about fence poles and tree trunks. see more about how to edge a lawn

To select the correct string trimmer for the yard, you should answer two standard concerns: Which type of shaft do you want-curved or straight; and which power source is most convenient-gas, electric, or battery? Here’s the best way to make a decision.
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Curved or Straight Shaft

String trimmers have either a straight shaft or perhaps a curved shaft, the latter of that is bent about halfway amongst the handle along with the spinning trimmer head. A straight shaft is typically greater for taller customers since it is longer, along with the design and style allows you to trim with out kneeling or bending to maintain the trimmer head close towards the ground. See also Husqvarna weed eater

Shorter customers might choose a curved shaft since it is a bit less difficult to hold and maneuver, and its design and style tends to make it far more handy to maintain the cutting head perpendicular towards the ground. If you have by no means utilised a string trimmer, attempt among each and every at a home center or hardware retailer to view which feels much more organic.

Power Source

A string trimmer might be powered by gasoline, by a battery, or having a classic energy cord plugged into an outdoor outlet. In our tests we discover that all 3 sorts can reduce properly, based on the model.

Corded electrics would be the least expensive but only an excellent option in case you have an outdoor outlet as well as a extended extension cord-you’ll hardly ever uncover an outside cord longer than one hundred feet, so in the event you must trim an region far more than one hundred feet from an outlet, decide on one more kind.

Battery-powered models usually reduce also as gas, start instantly, and run quietly. In case you possess a battery-powered lawn mower, the wise move would be to buy a string trimmer in the same brand due to the fact you will be capable of make use of the batteries interchangeably and constantly have 1 totally charged. Otherwise, anticipate to trim for about 30 minutes on a single charge.

Gas-powered string trimmers will be the most common. They’re loud, so you will need to have hearing protection, however they can go anyplace and run indefinitely, supplied you hold adding fuel. Models having a four-cycle engine run on normal gasoline, but make sure you add fuel stabilizer for the gas prior to prolonged storage-the ethanol in gas can gum up the engine, creating it hard to commence.

Two-cycle models are less costly than most four-cycle models, however they emit far more pollutants and require you to mix gas and oil in particular proportions, normally 40:1 or 50:1, prior to adding fuel for the tank. It is possible to also buy cans of premixed gas and oil for string trimmers (and also other outdoor power gear) in the home center. It fees far more than mixing fuel oneself, but a single $7 can is most likely to final a whole season.

Other Considerations

Should You Buy a Powered Base?

With each gas- and battery-powered string trimmers, you will possess the option of buying a stand-alone tool or perhaps a powered base. The latter is fundamentally an engine or possibly a motor developed to accept various attachments, and it is normally sold having a string trimmer head. For many models, you are able to also get a hedge trimmer, pole saw, edger, and brush cutter, as well as a cultivator attachment. It is an excellent option in the event you need to have a string trimmer and any or all the extra tools, and also you do not possess the space for numerous tools, or the cash, to buy each and every separately.

Thoughts the Gap

Ahead of you buy any string trimmer, appear in the cutting head, exactly where it meets the shaft on the trimmer. If there’s a big gap, be warned that tall grass will possibly get wrapped about the shaft in that spot. As an alternative, appear for any model having a minimal gap, or one particular with an easy-to-remove cutting head, so you are able to speedily pop the head off and eliminate weeds.


String trimmers can effortlessly break by means of skin and send debris flying whilst they reduce. They've a shield to deflect most debris, but even so, you will wish to put on gloves, protective eyewear, boots, and extended pants, moreover to hearing protection for gas models.

Type of String Trimmer

Let your lawn and landscape dictate which type of string trimmer you buy.

Gas-Powered String Trimmer

The best selection for massive properties, a gas-powered string trimmer goes anyplace and may run indefinitely. This kind can also be the most common, so you will possess the most alternatives when buying in case you go this route. Appear for models with an adjustable handle plus a translucent gas tank, so you'll be able to see when fuel is low. Models having a four-cycle engine run cleaner and use typical gas but expense much more. Models using a two-cycle engine expense significantly less, but you will have to add oil for your gasoline. All of the gas-powered string trimmers in our tests are loud adequate to require hearing protection for the user.

Corded-Electric String Trimmer

Whilst corded yard tools may possibly look outdated, a corded string trimmer can execute truly effectively for any specific subset of home owners. Should you possess a modest yard and do not have to trim far more than one hundred feet from an outlet, they are best. Most possess a brief cord and require a lengthy outdoor-rated extension cord-you can normally uncover these cords in lengths as much as one hundred feet. Corded-electric string trimmers have a tendency to become the least expensive, plus they start instantly and run indefinitely, and also you do not must be concerned about buying gas or charging a battery.

Battery-Powered String Trimmer

You will spend a slight premium to get a battery-powered string trimmer, as compared having a gas model, but in the event you possess a modest home, it might be worth it. In our tests, the best battery-powered models trim also as gas, make no emissions, and run quietly. In addition they start instantly every single time, with no fussing more than the choke or yanking a pull-cord. They require far much less upkeep, plus their batteries can generally be employed in other outdoor power tools in the same brand, like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and chain saws. The lifespan in the lithium-ion batteries utilised to energy these tools continues to be a massive unknown, so appear to get a extended warranty that especially applies for the battery. Anticipate to reduce for about 30 minutes on a single charge. Most batteries take about an hour to recharge after they’ve totally drained.