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When And How To Lime Your Lawn Grass

Most types of lawn grass grow best in slightly acidic soil using a pH in between six and 7. In case your soil pH is beneath five.five, your lawn will not develop effectively. Do not anticipate an added application of fertilizer to help due to the fact hugely acidic soil cannot absorb nutrients properly.
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Do You Need to Lime Your Lawn Grass?

Do you need to lime your lawn grass? Here’s a hint that could help you figure out in the event you need lime lawn treatment: In the event, you reside inside a dry, desert climate, there’s an opportunity your soil is alkaline and also you might not need to lime your lawn grass. In the event, you reside a rainy location exactly where acid-loving plants including rhododendrons and camellias thrive, your soil is probably acidic and could advantage from lime lawn treatment.

The only approach to learn for confident is always to take a soil test (Low-cost tests are offered at garden centers.). Liming a lawn that does not need it's a waste of time and income and liming soil that is certainly currently very alkaline may possibly influence soil overall health and lead to a sickly, yellow lawn.

Test every single year to become confident you are not adding an excessive amount of lime. After the correct pH is established, you are going to most likely need to lime only as soon as each couple of years.

Best Time to Lime a Lawn

Spring can be a fantastic time to test your soil, and also you can apply lime in between fall and early spring. Numerous gardeners favor to lime just before the very first frost in fall due to the fact the soil has all winter to absorb the lime. Do not spread lime on a dry, wilted lawn or even a soggy, wet lawn. Do not lime in the course of frosty climate.

How to Lime a Yard

Prior to you start, a couple of liming lawn guidelines needs to be deemed.

You can find a number of types of lime, as well as your neighborhood garden center, can help you decide the best type for the grass, soil type, and climate. Nevertheless, most gardeners discover that pellet types are simpler to apply than powders. As soon as you have decided around the best type of lawn, refer towards the label to figure out the correct quantity, that will rely largely upon your soil pH.

Based on the type of lime, it is possible to use a drop-style or rotary spreader. A spreader will be the best tool for applying lime. Apply half on the advised quantity of lime by walking back and forth horizontally together with the spreader, then add the second half by walking vertically. This way, your criss-cross pattern guarantees the grass is evenly and entirely covered.

Water lightly right after your lime lawn remedy to help the soil absorb the lime.