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11 Tips to Keep Your Lawnmower Running Correctly

When you buy a lawnmower, you enjoy its efficiency on the first days. You may want it to remain effective for the rest of its life but wear and tear will make it lesser active in lawn care. Therefore, you need to learn of the most important tips for you to keep your lawnmower running correctly. Here are the eleven most valuable tips that you should follow.
lawn mower tip

1. Always Use Fresh Gas

One of the reasons why your lawnmower may not be working well is because you are using old gas. Therefore, you need to keep fresh gas in your lawnmower. Gasoline oil stays fresh for about 30 days from when you should change it. As a tip, you should drain your gas tank if you are not planning to use the mower in a month’s time.

2. Replace the Spark Plug Regularly

Your mower may be experiencing multiple problems due to dirty or old spark plug. You should keep a keen eye on the spark plug and replace it if you think it is old or dirty. It is cheap to buy and replace a spark plug and thus you have no excuse.

3. Replace the Engine Oil

Just like a car, you must keep on checking the engine oil of your lawnmower. You will need to drain the oil if it has a dark black color or it is dirty. Approximately, you should replace engine oil after every 50 hours of use.

4. Clean the Engine

Not only do you need to drain dirty engine oil but also clean the engine. It must be free of dirt and debris for its optimum operation. Cleaning the engine might need some mechanical experience though your owner’s manual should help you get around the engine’s anatomy.

5. Clean the Mower Deck

Grass and other debris usually clog the mower deck and its undercarriage. You therefore need to clean it to make the lawnmower run correctly.

6. Change the Air Filter Regularly

Air filters are generally inexpensive and thus the need to change them regularly. You need to change them regularly because they clog fast and cause inefficiency in burning the gas.

7. Use the Right Gasoline

Every mower has the right gasoline that it should use. Do not just use any gasoline that you find for it will lower the efficiency of the engine. As a tip, you should ask the experts on which type of gasoline is best for your lawnmower.

8. Ensure the Blade is Sharp

One of the reasons why your lawnmower may not be working correctly is because of a dull mower blade. You must ensure that it is sharp enough to give you an even cut in your lawn. There are grinder wheels or files that you can use to sharpen the blade.

9. Read the Owner’s Manual

You have to consult the owner’s manual before using the mower. This will help you to know the different requirements for its maintenance.

10. Look for Worn Belts

You also need to check on the belts of your mower and ensure they are working properly. If they are worn or damaged, you must replace them with new ones to get your lawnmower running correctly.

11. Get Professional Service

Occasionally, you will need to take your lawnmower to a professional tune up. It can even be once in a year. The professional will do a thorough servicing of the mower to make it more efficient.