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How to Tackle the Five Worst Summer Lawn care Issues

Taking care of your lawn is an exhausting task. When it is perfect, it seems to attract the most trouble. Dogs and cats love to walk around it. Even kids enjoy playing on top of a well-cared lawn. It appears that the inclement weather senses your lawn’s perfection and appears just in time to ruin it. If you are familiar with any of these issues, then this is the right place. We will explain to you how to tackle the five worst summer lawn care issues. You will have all the tricks under your sleeve to make your lawn look perfect no matter what.
Summer Lawn care Issues

What to do if small Grubs are taking over your Lawn

Summer time and even the beginning of fall are the preferred times for a grub attack. When you find that your grass patches are pulled out unexpectedly or if your lawn is inexplicably drying, then you might have guests in your yard. To confirm it, look for the larva. They are tiny little white worms, almost transparent if you see them during daylight.

There are two different approaches to solving the problem. In fact, the first approach is not to solve it, but to prevent it. If you have had a grub attack before, you’d better play this card first, before the first larvae appear, planning to stay in your lawn. Use a chemical at the beginning of the summer to prevent grubs from staying. If you do it right that is all you will do until the next year.

When you missed the season to prevent grubs from staying, there are other ways to deal with them. Use a pesticide with trichlorfon and carbaryl. It will get rid of them, but your lawn may suffer for a week or two. To avoid the collateral damage, remember the preventive measures before you have a grub colony camping in your garden.

Your Lawn is not aware of summertime and still has the Autumn Looks

At times, the earth where your garden lays is weathered. As a consequence, your garden will look gloomy and sad. It will feel like autumn even in the middle of the summer. Don’t give up on your yard. There is an easy way to restore your lawn to its former glory.

The answer is a fertilizer. There are many affordable products around. Most of them are safe to use and will boost the grass to the shiny green you were missing. Synthetic fertilizers are the best, and they are cheap. One of the most reliable is Urea. Follow the instructions of your fertilizer choice. Depending on the product you use, you might need to follow a different procedure.

Uneven Grass along your Yard in Shade Spots

It is incredible how grass grows perfectly when the sun hits it. If it doesn’t, then it slowly fades. If you have trees with dense foliage in your yard, you may have noticed how there are uneven grass zones at the shade spots. It is a natural effect of plant growth. However, it may not be how you planned your lawn.

To solve the problem, just eliminate the branches that are causing the problem. Then, plant more grass where it needs to grow and add some fertilizer to get results faster. To prevent the problem during the next cycle, you must start at fall. Plant more seeds than usual in the shaded zone. Then rake them regularly. Use some fertilizer right before fall starts and then at the beginning of the summer. That way you will get an even lawn despite any shade.

Worn Grass due to People’s Traffic

If you have a path where people walk on your lawn, you will have worn grass due to the traffic. There are two ways to approach the problem. Either build a fence to prevent people from walking on your grass, or change the grass for a stoned path. That way the aesthetics of your lawn will not be affected by people’s traffic.

Dried Lawn due to Dog’s Pee and Pup

If you have a dog (or an open yard where other dogs may wander), then your garden will suffer dryness due to dog’s pee and pup. It is a common issue because dog’s pee has nitrogen salts that dry the grass.

There is no simple solution, and if your lawn is damaged, you must replace it. To prevent the problem, train your dog. It might be harder if other dogs are causing the problem. If you know when it happens, clean it immediately. Use water abundantly to wash out the harmful chemicals and protect your lawn. However, you cannot watch your garden all the time, and the dogs will escape your vigilante eyes at some point.