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How to Control Japanese Beetle In Your Lawn

Japanese Beetle

The Japanese Beetle is an introduced pest in North America which is now one of the greatest problem pests in both lawns and gardens, and creating an enormous amount of damage wherever it goes. Controlling Japanese Beetle in lawns is of the highest priority to the lawn owner.
Japanese Beetle

What Does Japanese Beetle Look Like

Japanese Beetle is usually around half an inch long, it has a bright green metallic shell and brown or bronzed colored wings. The adult Japanese Beetles are often seen flying around the yard, garden or lawn areas where it will voraciously feed on hundreds of different types of plants.

The lawn is most often severely damaged by the larvae of the beetle, where massive numbers of grubs feed on the roots of the lawn, and most often killing large tracts of sod as a result.

Japanese Beetle is a native to Japan and was inadvertently brought to North America most likely in plants being carried on ships. Like all foreign introduced pests in countries around the world, the Japanese Beetle is not a problem in Japan whatsoever as it is controlled by many natural predators and environmental conditions.

Controlling Japanese Beetle

Controlling Japanese Beetle is very important for every home owner and lawn owner alike. The destruction they cause is immense to everyone, not just homeowners but to farmers and their crops as well, so we all need to chip in and do our share to control this pest.

Killing Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle can be controlled with a vast array of different chemical pesticides which are applied to the lawn and the garden. They are then watered into the soil where they are usually very effective at killing the grubs as well as any adult beetles which are present in the soil.

Japanese Beetle Pesticides are readily available, but as we always stress, please read the instructions carefully before use.

Japanese Beetle Pheromone Traps

These are a top seller everywhere, but are they any good? The short answer is no, and here's why... These Pheromone traps use an artificially created sex hormone which drive the Beetles crazy with lust, yes it really does work... in fact, Japanese Beetles from all over the neighborhood will swarm to your property, and to the trap. The trap will quickly fill up and look like it's been a huge success, and this is why they remain so popular.

The problem is that these Japanese Beetle Pheromone traps only catch around 50 - 60% of the beetles that have flow to your property. So what happens to all the other Beetles on your property?

They stay there... and feed on your lawn and garden... you may have helped your neighbors by attracting some of the Japanese Beetles away from their property, but you've just made your own problem much worse... and the traps have done nothing to rid the lawn and soil of Japanese Beetle Larvae.

The entire time and expense of using traps really is just a waste of both time and money.

The Only Effective Method Of Controlling Japanese Beetle

To effectively kill and control Japanese Beetle, the only really effective method is to use the correct pesticide, and to stay on top of all infestations as soon as they become evident, and before they get out of control.