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Why My Lawn Mower Lose Power In The Middle Of Mowing And How To Fix It

Spring is here and Summer isn’t that too far behind, and that means one thing—rain. With all the rain that many places are getting it also means the grass and weeds are growing more than ever and yards are requiring more attention. While there are many different types and brands of lawnmowers out there, each person has their own preference. Unfortunately, with continued use many lawnmowers tend to lose power in the middle of mowing making it harder to get the job done. It also can cause a person to not be able to mow their lawns in the way they might be used to. We’d like to discuss how you can prevent and fix your lawn mower from losing power while moving and why it happens as you continue to read on
Lawn Mower Lose Power

Why does my lawn mower lose power in the middle of mowing?

The biggest reason that most lawn mowers will lose power is due to a very common issue: dirt. Sometimes, depending on the type of lawn you might have, dirt can get inside and clog it up which makes it super difficult for the lawn mower to do its job. There are a few different locations that dirt can find its way in to and that can cause a lot of problems, sometimes temporary and sometimes non fixable. The other culprit can be when water gets in to locations that it’s not supposed to be. Water just like with a car, if gotten in to the wrong area can cause a lot of damage. There are many culprits that can cause alarm and result in why a lawn mower may not work properly which can include:

  • Oil levels not being up to par
  • Over loading your Engine
  • An issue with the spark plugs
  • Carburetor issues

These are all issues that anyone can run in to and sometimes they can happen without any warning. However, with proper maintenance on your lawn mower, many of these issues can be avoided most of the time. Let’s move on and further discuss how you can fix some of the issues that cause your lawn mower to lose power.

How to fix my lawn mower when it loses power

First you’re going to want to start with the process of elimination. By determining the issue, you can determine the necessary steps to take. For issues such as dirt, it can be simple as taking the lawn mower apart and cleaning out the parts that may be clogged. For water getting in to the area that it may be affecting, in many cases just letting the park dry out and cleaning it out well work good too. An oil level issue can be remedied by making sure you have enough in the event it’s low and adding more or finding a way to syphon some out if there is too much. Over loaded engines mean you’re working the mower to hard and you need to find a different mower for larger projects. Most manuals can walk you through many of the issues you may face.