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When Should I Water My Lawn

Watering our lawns is something which everybody realizes as a priority for maintaining any lawn, especially if we want a beautiful lawn, after all... water is life, and without it, the lawn would very quickly die. While everyone may realize this important factor and do indeed keep their lawns well-watered, many people simply are not aware of the correct ways to water, and that there can be a massive difference between neighboring lawns simply based on how they are watered.
When Should I Water My Lawn

All lawn watering should be done in the mornings.

Watering a lawn in the morning allows the lawn to make use of the water at the only time of the day it can, which is during the daylight hours. This is because the light of the day provides the power source which lawns use to create their food and to take up water from the soil and to grow, This sunlight powered process is called photosynthesis. When the sun isn't present, such as at night time, the lawn cannot use any water it has in the soil.

Morning waterings ensure that the lawn can immediately begin using the available water which is supplied to it, whereas watering a lawn at night means a lot of the water which is applied, simply drains away from the root zone of the lawn overnight. The following morning when the lawn "wakes up" and begins taking up water again, most of the water which has been applied, is gone! This is a very wasteful and expensive practice when talking about the amount of lost water.

Because so much of the applied water is lost to drainage, the lawn will require even more water to be applied if watering at night, just so enough water is left over to be used by the lawn in the morning.

The next major factor which determines the importance of watering in the morning is lawn disease.

Watering lawns at night is one of the greatest promoters of diseases in all lawns. The overwhelming majority of lawn diseases flourish in moist conditions and at night time. A night time watering leaves a massive amount of moisture amongst the leaf and thatch layer for a long time when there is no sunlight to combat diseases, and night time is when these diseases flourish and grow. By watering at night, the end result is creating perfect natural conditions for lawn diseases to establish, flourish, and spread in our home lawns.

Apart from having our beautiful lawn tarnished with a disease, we are then faced with the new problem of repairing lawn disease, which costs more money to buy the treatments and puts unwanted chemicals into the environment too.

In summary, the best time to water our lawns in the morning, it provides water at the only time of day the lawn can use it, reduces water wastage, and severely diminishes the possibility for lawn disease to overtake and destroy our lawns.