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EGO LB5300 56V Cordless Blower Review

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The world's most powerful leaf blower is the latest EGO's POWER+ LB5302. It matches the efficiency of unwieldy corded blowers and petrol-powered backpack blowers. There's no excuse not to go for the ease of a battery-powered blower, EGO suggests.

EGO LB5300 56V Review - The Most Powerful battery Leaf Blower

The EGO POWER+ LB5302 is the best powerful cordless leaf blower. It comes with an advanced 56V Arc 2.5Ah lithium battery. The volume of the airflow is better than gas driven blowers at a similar price.

The battery-inclusive EGO POWER+ LB5302 weights 7.4 pounds. Top speed isn't as high as gasses, but at 114 mph it's still decent enough. In turbo mode the battery is 15 minutes long but it only needs 30 minutes for the 2.5Ah Arc lithium battery. This is a joy and the consistency of air is cleaner than combustion of fuel. It can be used with other EGO control tools without any wiring.

The 2015 Pro Tool Invention Award was won by Ego's EGO POWER+ Series, including the blower. Overkill? Perhaps, but we won't complain if it's on sale!

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  • Built with a brushless motor for increased performance and reliability.
  • Quite lightweight at just 7.4 lbs.
  • Ergonomic architecture with perfect harmony and distribution of weight.
  • Water resistance rating of IPX4.
  • Built in the USA.
  • Quite generous 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Poor battery life while running at peak speed.
  • The maximum air velocity of 114 mph is lower than the gas blower, not as effective at dislodging.
  • It's pricey, but portability comes at a price.
  • There is no mulch feature of certain gas-powered blowers.

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