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Does Bleach Kill Grass and Weeds in the Lawn?

When it grows between the gaps of the pavement or in between the stones of a pathway, weeds and grass can be rather unsightly. In only a few days, bleach will kill the grass. For those tall grasses that often love to grow around the base of your mailbox, this is also a nice choice.

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How to use bleach to kill grass and weeds

For a 1⁄2-1 cup of water ratio, a decent combination is usually about 2 cups of bleach. Using a funnel to prevent bleaching the countertop, pipe this into a spray bottle. Stop doing this on a windy day, because on plants you don't want to destroy on, the wind could blow the bleach. Try to stop days where it can rain so the rain will dilute the chlorine, as well as likely disperse it.

Pros and cons of using bleach to kill grass or weeds

Bleach is quick to find and inexpensive to get. Bleach, on the other hand, can be very toxic and can kill plants nearby. Allowing pets or children to play in the field where chlorine is located is also not safe.

Once it is applied, the properties of the bleach stay in the soil for a while. Although this may be a good idea to prevent grass from creeping back into the cracks of the sidewalk for a longer period, it's not so good if you spray the weeds to kill them so you can plant something new in that spot.

While you can use bleach straight from the container to destroy grass and weeds, if you use too much, there is a strong risk that the bleach will leach past where you sprayed it into the surrounding soil and kill the adjacent plants as well as the ones you sprayed.

What other things besides bleach you can use to kill grass and weeds

Salt is another common household ingredient that can be used to kill grass and weeds. Like bleach, salt may be combined with water or added directly to the region. Salt, though, is not as harmful as bleach and is suitable for children and pets.

Standard white vinegar is another safe-to-use alternative, but maybe not effective like bleach when kill grass and weed. The last choice is by far the longest to do, but it's excellent if you're planning to replant in that field. Simply cover the field with a dense sheet of paper or cardboard before the grass dies.