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Can Too Much Rain Hurt Your Lawn

While you should water your lawn, too much rain can harm it. If your lawn has yellow or brown spots, you may have dead grass from too much rain.

Your lawn only needs an inch of water every week. The tremendous rain from daily rain will harm your grass. It's critical to treat your grass after a rainstorm to help it recover. 

Too Much Rain Hurts Your Lawn

How Does Excessive Rain Affect Grass?

Excessive rain can damage soil, affecting grass. Too much rain might wash away the soil's top layer, ruining the grass seed. Heavy rainfall might wash away fertilizer. 

Even if you utilize sod, heavy rain can still affect it. Excessive rainwater from a storm can weaken the sod.

How to Prevent Overwatering Issues

You can't control the rain, but you can help your lawn survive both the rain and drought.

Make sure that your lawn has good drainage.

Check your yard for puddles or standing water after a rain. Filling up poor spots in your yard and reseeding can assist. Also, clean your gutters and extend your downspouts to keep water away from your home's foundation. You can even install hidden extenders to create a French drain system that disperses water underground rather than on your lawn.

How much and when to water your lawn?

Basically, water your yard deeply but seldom. In Wichita, most lawns only need an inch of water each week, and daily watering is rarely essential. Allowing the soil to dry between watering encourages deep root growth and thick grass coverage, making your lawn more drought-resistant. Adjust your watering schedule throughout the season as your lawn's watering requirements fluctuate.

Consider a rain sensor for your lawn sprinkler system.

Kansas storms can come out of nowhere, but installing a rain sensor on your irrigation system will stop it from raining. You'll save money and water while keeping your lawn healthy.