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Toro Vs. Kubota Zero Turn Mowers: Which One To Pick?

Toro vs. Kubota

In America, mowing becomes a ritual in the spring and summer. Therefore, you need to get a new mower. This is when the Toro versus Kubota zero-turn mower controversy gains momentum. But which is worthy of consideration?

This article will help you determine which option is most suitable for you.

Toro vs. Kubota: Basic Comparison Chart

There are numerous differences between Toro and Kubota mowers. 

1. Dimension:

The size of a mower has a significant impact on its performance and management. Before making a purchase, size is likely the most important factor to consider, as it defines the size of the mower. The mower's dimensions are 76.4 x 55.5 x 65 inches. The Toro mower is the most significant mower on the market. Every lawnmower wants to be able to buy such a big animal on a small budget.

On the other hand, the dimensions of a Kubota zero-turn mower are 81 by 61 by 48 inches. This particular dimension makes it rather controllable and can be viewed as the silver lining in the lawnmower's cloud.

2. Price:

This masterpiece executes every mowing task without pinching your pocket. Toro zero-turn mowers can be your savior if you're looking for something on a budget. Kubota is the first choice of every professional and skilled landscaper. You'll not regret paying a bit more for this A-1 piece.

3. Deck Dimensions:

The size of your mower's cutting deck has a significant impact on how evenly the grass is mowed. A mower must have a deck size that corresponds to the size of your yard. Both Toro and Kubota have relatively spacious decks. Toro features a 50-inch deck, which makes it suitable for any commercial yard or lawn. You may also utilize it if you have a large residential yard, and Toro is a great choice for consumers on a budget.

When it comes to deck size, Kubota is extremely accommodating. They provide deck sizes between 42 and 72 inches. The brand allows customers to choose the size of the deck for their particular landscape. Kubota is the best brand for changeable, user-friendly deck dimensions. 

4. Engine:

The size of the mower's cutting deck has a significant impact on mowing grass evenly. The deck size of a mower must be proportional to the size of your lawn. The deck sizes of both Toro and Kubota are quite generous. Toro has a 50-inch cutting deck, which is suitable for any commercial lawn or yard. You may also utilize it if you have a large residential yard, and Toro is a good choice for those on a budget. 

Kubota is very accommodating in terms of deck size. They have deck sizes ranging from 42" to 72". The brand permits purchasers to choose the size of deck they desire for their lawn. If you want an adjustable, user-friendly deck size, Kubota is your best option. 

5. Transmission:

Once, lawnmowers only had gear-drive transmissions. Hydrostatic, friction disk, and powdered metal gear are now available. Toro zero-turn mowers have hydrostatic gearing. It's a common transmission with an inbuilt pump and motor drive. Hydrostatic gearboxes are easy to use.

Kubota mowers now have metal-powdered gear transmissions. Since 2003, experts have studied it. This is the best. Kubota is perfect for boss-level transmission. 

6. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition gives a brand the most market presence. A well-known brand is safer than a new one since it's accountable to its customers. Toro is a secure investment for low-budget landscapers and beginners. You'll rarely encounter unfavorable quality or consumer reviews. 

Kubota makes excellent products for its customers. Kubota is well known in the mowing industry. If you want to invest your money wisely, Kubota will save you money on repairs. 

So, which one will you pick?

According to my investigation, choose Kubota. Kubota never compromises quality or performance, and it's the champion in its field. 

Are Toro zero-turn mowers good?

True. Many longtime consumers trust Toro. If purchased from reputable dealers, it offers attractive household and professional cutting. This will keep you comfortable if you don't like to maintain mowers. Toro mowers are low-maintenance. It is the most cost-effective zero-turn mower available. Toro is reliable.

How to maintain zero-turn mowers?

If properly maintained, zero-turn mowers can be your best friend. Who wouldn't protect such a large investment? You can use it, then set it aside. 

Here are some zero-turn mower maintenance tips:

  • Regularly check your mower's air filter. Clean or unclog it. Dirt and debris can damage it. 
  • Mower blades mow grass continuously. Remove mud and grime for smooth cutting.  
  • Clippings and debris can damage your mower deck. Clean mower decks save waste and improve cutting.


Toro offers satisfactory performance and durability at a reasonable price. As a beginning or low-budget finder, Toro is superior to other mainstream devices. Kubota is the right combination of sturdiness and exquisite craftsmanship. If you are a professional landscaper, your yard will require a sophisticated solution. This post is a tremendous resource for making rational decisions.