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How Much To Winterize Your Sprinkler System

How Much To Winterize Your Sprinkler System

As part of preparing your home for cold weather, winterizing your sprinkler system is crucial. The process is not expensive, but understanding your alternatives and how much they cost will help you decide which path to take. If you choose to complete this project yourself, you can rent an air compressor for as little as $30 and complete it in a day. If you have a larger yard with more than eight sprinkler zones, a local landscaper may charge as much as $250 to complete the task.


  • $100 is the average cost of winterizing a sprinkler system.
  • You can get this assignment for as low as $30 if you do it yourself.
  • The more sprinkler zones you have, the more you'll pay.
  • The pricing is affected by the drainage method you choose.

How Much Does Winterizing a Sprinkler System Cost?

The cost of winterizing a sprinkler system depends in part on how the technician drains the system's water.

Manual Drain Valve

$75 to $150 is the usual cost to winterize a manual drain sprinkler system. You drain these types of sprinkler systems by shutting off the water main and then opening a drain valve to discharge any water that has become trapped.

Depending on the topography of your property, water may drain away from the highest areas of your yard while pooling in the lowest. This is a problem because any water that is still in the pipes could freeze, which could damage your irrigation system.

Automatic Drain Valve

The cost of winterizing an automated drain sprinkler ranges between $90 and $175 on average. These systems drain automatically when the main water supply is turned off.

But, just like manual drain sprinklers, these systems can cause water to pool in low spots.

Blowouts draining

The average cost of a sprinkler system blowout is $100 to $250. This service can be done on any type of lawn sprinkler system by a professional. It solves the problem of water pooling in low spots because it uses high-pressure air to push water out of the pipes.

Even if you have a manual or automatic drain sprinkler, a service technician may suggest a blowout if the slope of your land keeps water from draining properly.

How Much Does Winterizing a Sprinkler System Cost Based on the Number of Zones?

The $75 to $150 range for sprinkler winterization assumes that your irrigation system has three or four zones. Depending on the size of your yard, there may be more or less. The cost of winterizing your sprinklers increases proportionally with the number of zones you have.

Based on the number of zones, the average cost to winterize a sprinkler system is as follows:

  • $50-$75 for one to two zones
  • 8 to 4 zones: $80-$100
  • $100-$130 for zones 5 to 6.
  • 7 to 8 zones: $150-$250.

Winterization of Sprinkler Systems Costs

When estimating the cost to winterize a sprinkler system, you must consider when you schedule the service, the different winterization methods, the person performing the work, and whether the work is part of a service agreement.

Time Frame

The particular time of year you choose to winterize your irrigation system determines the price. At the end of fall, many landscaping companies in colder climes prioritize winterization. As they are already traveling to your region to provide these services, they may provide discounts during this period.

If you wait a few weeks longer to turn off your sprinklers for the winter, maybe to give your grass one more watering before it gets too cold, your landscaping company may charge you more for a service call.

Winterization Technique

The sprinkler winterization procedure employed by a professional will pay for the cost of this service. Depending on how steep your property is, you might be able to save money by choosing between manual or automatic drainage and a sprinkler system blowout.

In some cases, manually draining your sprinkler may not be sufficient to cleanse the system of all water. In this situation, you have no choice but to choose the more costly blowout procedure in order to guarantee that your lines are totally clear.


Your best chance for winterizing your lawn sprinkler system is a local landscaping business, which often charges a flat fee of $75 to $150. No matter what kind of sprinkler system you have, these experts have the knowledge and tools to drain and winterize it.

However, you also have the option of paying a local plumber a flat rate between $40 and $200 if you have a reliable professional in mind or if local landscaping companies are too busy to accommodate you. Due to their advanced training and experience, plumbers are typically a bit more expensive.

Service Contracts

Numerous sprinkler system winterization firms offer service contracts that include irrigation system winterization, springtime activation, and occasionally summer inspections. Frequently, bundling these services leads to larger savings than scheduling them separately.

The Price of Self-Winterizing a Sprinkler System

You can winterize a sprinkler system on your own for as little as your time or as much as $30 to $60.

If your land is sufficiently sloped to permit the entire drainage of a manual or automatic drain irrigation system, you may be able to complete winterization for free.

If your ground is generally flat, it is safer to blast water out of your sprinkler system using the blowout method. To accomplish this, you will need to rent an industrial air compressor for between $30 and $60 per day.

Nota bene: winterizing a sprinkler system involves some risk. Because the water in your sprinkler system is under pressure, you must be cautious when opening valves to avoid damaging the system or injuring yourself.

Keep in mind that an air compressor is a potent piece of equipment that, if used improperly, can cause harm to you or your sprinkler pipes. To find out how much compressed air the sprinkler system can handle, you need to read the user manual carefully.

Getting your house ready for winter before you leave for a long vacation will make sure there are no problems when you get back in the spring.

DIY Sprinkler System Winterization vs. Hiring a Professional

If you can winterize your irrigation system in one day, it may be slightly cheaper to rent an air compressor than to hire a local professional.

But when you think about how long it will take you to do the job, how hard it is to learn how to use an air compressor, and the chance that you won't drain your irrigation system completely, it makes more sense to hire a professional.

How to Save Money on Sprinkler System Winterization

Consider the following tips if you'd prefer not to face the hazards associated with DIY winterization but still wish to save money.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System Early.

As the end of fall approaches, initiate contact with local sprinkler winterization businesses to inquire about pricing. Remember that many companies offer discounts if you finish winterizing by a certain date, which is usually a few weeks before the first hard freeze.

Pay for an Activation and Winterization Package

Considering that you will have to pay a technician to come to your property in the spring to activate your sprinklers, you might consider purchasing a service package that covers both winterization and activation. Several businesses provide substantial savings in exchange for the purchase of a service contract.

Winterizing a Sprinkler System Questions and Answers

Should I winterize the sprinkler system?

You must winterize your sprinkler system only if you reside in a region that experiences freezing weather. If you reside in a warmer climate, such as Florida or the Southwestern United States, you do not need to worry about winterization because you do not experience cold weather.

When should I winterize my sprinkler system for winter?

You should winterize your sprinkler system before the first hard freeze in your region. In many locations, this signifies the end of fall. Nevertheless, depending on your location, it could be sooner or later.

When should my sprinkler system be activated?

The optimal time to activate your sprinkler system is after the season's final hard freeze. This will occur at different times depending on where you live. Therefore, you should keep an eye on local weather conditions or consult a neighboring landscape business that specializes in winterizing sprinkler systems.

What is the cost of activating a sprinkler system?

Home Advisor estimates that the average cost to activate a sprinkler system is between $40 and $150. This includes adding water, checking for damage, and making sure your timers and schedules are set correctly.